Luxury Home Office Interior Design for Remote Work Success  

For so many of us, our work lives have become permanently integrated into our homes. We’re working in hybrid roles or even officing 100% remotely, which means the prioritization of a luxury home office interior design has never been more important.

Chic, elegant, impeccable, and hugely functional, the ideal work-from-home office is never just about productivity. It’s about quality of life; you want to feel good in your space — no matter if you’re clocking the standard 9 to 5 or going into the “office” on Saturdays or Sundays or in the fringe weekday hours before the kids wake up or after they go to bed at night.

I have a home office, and I want people to enjoy walking into theirs as much as I do mine! After all, it’s essential that your workspace functions well AND nurtures your creative side. Make your home office a respite for your soul and watch your productivity soar, my lovely!

At our interior design firm, here are five ways we think about designing a luxury home office that makes remote work a pleasure.

1.  Be Intentional with Storage

Let’s face it… clutter creates chaos, disorganization, and lots of mental head trash, too. But when we’re incredibly comfortable functionally and incredibly soothed aesthetically, it unleashes our highest focus, creativity, and enjoyment.

That’s why we love to integrate endless hidden storage — like we did in one home office interior design with fully custom bespoke cabinetry to conceal all those unsightly necessities like binders, a printer, files, supplies, and more. Plus, with metal mesh panels, these cabinets double as glinting jewelry accents in the space.

For prettier books and accessories in your office, open shelves can be a star player in a home office to keep the energy flowing around you.

All that to say, it’s important to declutter like a maniac and curate with intention, purging those files, books, and reference materials you haven’t touched for two years or more. For anything you need to save but don’t use regularly, consider moving them to an attic or basement.

2. Let There Be Light

Studies show that natural light is ideal for any workspace, and the same is true for your home office interior design. So, I’m always giddy for a home office that’s flooded with natural light through windows and glass doors, like one sharp space we designed for a lady boss that was impeccably bright and inspiring.

But, just as any lighting, natural light must have the ability to be adjusted. Custom window draperies are perfect for large, arched windows to moderate harsh sun or glare. I also love a sophisticatedly tailored yet simple floor-to-ceiling drape that practically disappears into the wall when not in use.

If natural light isn’t a reality for you, don’t fret; there are many ways to up your lighting game. Adding shiny finishes, mirrors, or glass elements to your space helps reflect the light that’s already there while well-placed, elegant work lamps and strategic recessed lighting can make an illuminating impact. (No ring lights required!)

3.  Bring the Outside In

Adding organic elements to your home office immediately grounds and enlivens the interior room design. That can come through a beautiful view outdoors (hello windows!), but also in many other ways. In one home office we designed, our client wanted to be surrounded by her fave color – robin’s egg blue, so we bathed the space in that hue.

In the same office, we punctuated the space so perfectly with a sculpted desk done in organic wood with metal accents; it’s an ode to the outside yet a piece of sculpture on its own.

We also love bringing in plants and florals for a fresh take. Orchids are my favorite tabletop plant for office spaces — for the dollar, they’re your best fresh floral investment. Just add three ice cubes once a week to the soil, and it can bloom for six to eight weeks. But roses, hydrangeas, snake plants, aloe vera, and more are all excellent options, too.

These little soul-soothing touches create environments to love — the exact opposite of the cold, cluttered, sterile office people dread.  

4. Don’t Skimp on Seating

One of my success metrics for an impeccable home office interior design is that you WANT to pull up a chair immediately and take your meetings from there without any distractions — except maybe the gorgeous design that envelops you from every inch.

But, let’s talk about that seating! If you have guest chairs, you’ll want them to be comfortable and in tune with the room. For you, a high-quality desk chair is a game changer, because having that ergonomic support is essential to keeping your body healthy and creativity flowing. 

And do not miss this: A functional office chair can be aesthetically pleasing, too. However, we also love adding additional elegance with a lush faux fur throw. I have one for my home office chair and it’s soft, looks stellar in person and on camera, and makes my chair feel like I’m sitting back into a warm hug. 

5. Add Some Sweet Eye Candy

A home office that you won’t mind working overtime in has all the carefully curated eye candy. That’s why it’s so important to fill your home office with pretty things that energize and inspire you.

When considering options for art, I often suggest going for one big, impactful piece — like a stunning floral wallpaper we found for one office (no granny-panties floral here!) — as opposed to several smaller pieces. This ensured that the walls broadcast a grounding and decluttered essence.

I also love adding little moments of sculpture on a desk — or a trio of vases or curvaceous bookends. It’s very intentional and clean while introducing some flair. Above all, it should be beautiful to you. 

To further pamper yourself, opt for pretty pens and trendy notebooks that you’ll love using. And don’t forget other creature comforts like adding a shiny bowl of 72-percent dark chocolate, a coffee nook if space allows, or an infused water station. These little additions will make your home office a haven where you want to be. 

Anything that delights your spirit should be in your space. Remember, it’s your home office, so infuse it with colors, finishes, and artwork that lift and inspire creativity and bring you serenity. 

(Oh and expect everyone you Zoom with to elicit a few oooohs and aaaahs.)

If you’ve been holding out on creating a more permanent home office that’s a functional, aesthetic destination, it’s time to consider stacking the deck in your favor so that when you sit down (or hop on that in-office treadmill), you feel your very best.

If you need help creating a work-from-home office haven, our full-service interior design firm is ready for you! Peruse a few of our perfect home office interior design projects here and contact us today. Let’s get to work!