The Power of Lighting in Luxury Interior Home Design

Lovelies, we know the intoxicating power of the right piece of jewelry to illuminate any ensemble — and that’s precisely how lighting works in luxury interior home design. As gorgeous as a renovation or project is, it’s the lighting that serves the crown jewel. It’s what people notice first; it’s what draws their eye; it can even double as art (often at a much lower cost!).  

Lighting is unique in luxury interior design because, of course, it’s functional, but it is also such a low-hanging opportunity to introduce gorgeous eye candy in design, which is a MUST.

The most impeccable spaces have layered light sources, crowned by stunning fixtures that are thoughtfully integrated to light up the drama in all the right ways.

Interior Design Lighting Takes On Many Forms

When dosed properly, lighting is a power player that can make interior room design come alive, driving a “design vibe,” adding interest, richness, and depth. From glinting chandeliers to mixed-metal fixtures, interesting combos of wood and glass, and LED innovations, lighting knows no bounds — and it’s a timeless interior design element. And we are so here for it.

For example, you may spend scads on a kitchen interior design (and all those custom cabinets!), but I guarantee people will compliment the lighting — like the oversized pendants we recently placed above a kitchen island. Sure, the whole entire space is a knockout, but those pendants — so striking in their repetition — are what make the kitchen so incredibly delicious.

Another residential interior design example: Lighting also has the power to take on an artistic, sculptural form, as was the case with a fixture we placed in a stairwell leading to a teen-friendly attic lounge.

For a sitting room off a primary bedroom that we wanted to maximize in spite of its limited square footage, we made it sing with a feathered, domed light fixture.

And these are only a few of many iterations of lighting’s VIP role. When our interior design firm approaches a room’s lighting, we ask ourselves how the lighting will punctuate the space to create the most captivating effect possible.

Interior Design Lighting Should Be a Forethought

While there is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to interior design lighting, the rule that always remains is that lighting must NOT be treated as an afterthought. It has to be top of mind.

A lot of builders in the construction phase think about lighting as the very last step in the process — not as an integral part of a room’s function in addition to its vibe, flow, and style.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to bring in professional design services early to work with the contractor and builder. To relegate interior design lighting to the function-only category is to miss out on how brightly this room eye candy can really shine.

At IDH, we consider every element in the context of whole home interior design — including lighting. It’s so important to ensure that every fixture is in conversation with the others, complementing or contrasting in just the right way to achieve the right mix and mood.

At our luxury interior design firm, we see lighting as a pivotal element of a well-designed space, let alone whole home interior design where we ensure every last detail is lit to perfection.

Want to get a new lease on light for your commercial interior design or residential interior design project? Contact us to learn about all the power of lighting to check the box on function while setting mood with style.