Designing for Comfort: The Luxury Bedroom Retreat

Living your best life really does start at home — no matter how much time you spend (or don’t spend) there. Having a serene space is essential to getting the rest and self-care you need —and it really all starts and ends in the bedroom, doesn’t it?!

The bedroom is where you wake up in the morning and unwind each night — so it’s mission-critical that this intimate space is influencing you in all the right ways. Because, when interior home design is masterfully done, it can have a hugely positive effect on our mood and our daily experience, which is undeniably a huge payoff.

A luxury bedroom retreat is all about creating a peaceful, restful vibe that you might have experienced while in a resort on vacation. Here are a few things that we consider in interior room design when optimizing for luxurious comfort.


When a sense of both comfort and peace is my client’s goal, I look at how the color scheme can create a soothing rhythm in a space and its adjacent rooms.

Soft color palettes tend to be universally calming — as long as that palette is appealing to your individual aesthetic. For some, that could mean shades of gray; for others, perhaps a mix of whites and creams with a dose of pale blue-gray, green, or blush.

Keeping to a “controlled color palette,” so there’s not a big spread of contrast, is the key to creating serene vibes. That said, when clients are looking for a bit more dramatic contrast, we’re very deliberate. For example, an elegant yet restful color combination is a touch of dark gray in a sea of taupe; I love this look because it imparts a sophisticated accent without anything looking out of place.


Texture is essential in all luxury interior design, especially an impeccable bedroom retreat — and it goes far beyond fabrics. But, let’s start with fabrics… a variety of soft players like plush velvets, crisp linens, dense cottons, and nubby wools can all find their place in a bedroom.

Texture also raises its hand in the rhythm of design — like multiple window drapery panels that define a room with sophistication while softening the rigid lines of a room’s architecture and framing the outdoor views to nature. Geometric patterns — perhaps in an expansive area rug or a throw pillow —  likewise introduce the texture of movement in a space, subtly yet profoundly adding cozy, warm emphasis to a space.

One plane of a room that you may not consider immediately is the ceiling. When budget allows, creating the texture of dimension and detail on a ceiling in bold or restrained ways is always going to add layers of depth and comfort to a space.


One of the joys of a luxury bedroom retreat is, of course, its en suite sitting room — and, quite possibly, an equally stellar bathroom retreat and closet that are as fabulous as they are functional.

With these adjacent rooms, the best way to continue the sense of elevated comfort is by borrowing from the same color palette and textural motifs while introducing new layers of exuberance and effervescence to define the new space. At our interior design firm, we love to explore the interplay of dynamic furniture shapes, art, sculptural accessories, soft yet attention-commanding light fixtures, and more.


Organic, nature-inspired materials like wood finishes, grass cloth, and more can bring warmth, especially when they feature a fine grain. Stone elements, textured art and accessories, and even more abstracted takes on nature (like a feathery chandelier!) also invite you to relax into a space.

I always love inviting at least one instance of live flowers or plants into a bedroom, too.

Easy yet elegant plants like orchids and or peace lilies trees are low-maintenance as are certain palms and peace lilies. Or just treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers every week! What a simple yet effective form of self-care.

While there is much to design and consider, you can have serenity, style, AND comfort in your luxury bedroom retreat — and your entire residential interior design. A home that serves as a haven of peace can be a game-changer.

If you really want to increase the sense of tranquility In your bedroom and beyond, you’re ultimately going to want to work with an experienced interior design firm like IDH. We can strategize all of the subtleties of whole home interior design so that your spaces support a sense of wellbeing, while also transitioning serenely from one to another.If you’re ready to begin your interior design journey, we’re excited to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about our interior design services.