High Point Furniture Market Part 4 – Furniture Silhouettes

Interior Design trend reporting from the High Point Furniture Market wouldn’t be complete without the proverbial, “spilling of the tea”.…on furniture itself!

Welcome to the final blog in our 4-part series. (If you missed any part of this series, be sure to scroll up and catch up on our design trend forecast for 2023. So far, we have covered the front running Design Styles, the hottest Color Palettes, and the trending Furniture Materials).

Now, let’s talk about the furniture silhouettes – the shape of things happening and the shape of things to come. The silhouette trends we spotted at this year’s show were nothing short of exciting! 

Shapes ran the gamut. Like what we saw at the Paris Maison & Objet Design Show, the intersection of the varying shapes was the catalyst for the excitement!

As expected, traditional and transitional silhouettes were plentiful. However, as we noted in Paris, CURVES showed up as the main event this year. Kidney sofas were in almost every showroom, accented by bean shaped coffee tables, globe-inspired lighting and almost billowy upholstered club chairs. 

Even the most reserved of design seekers ooh’d and ahh’d, as they sunk into these cloud-like creations.

As designers, when we talk about, “the line”, or the silhouette, we are focusing on shape as well as the kinds of lines – or outlines – used to drive that shape.

We mentioned back in our Maison & Objet Design Show blogs, an exciting juxtaposition of line, and the same was true at High Point. Strong, linear shapes were punctuated by a round counterpoint, in some cases. In others, a room vignette with a sea of softly rounded shapes was suddenly interrupted by a clean, rectilinear note.

Each of these “drool-worthy” pieces possesses the contrasts in line to drive excitement and nuance – never becoming just “one note.” This is when design is at its most exciting!

Long may Mid-Century live! Similar to what the IDH Team observed overseas, the ever-present mid-century modern influences remain readily apparent, with the occasional “retro” dip into the 70’s and 80’s.

Sling chairs are still the rage. Streamlined, low-profile sofas continue to dominate, and gorgeous caning with innovative design rained down everywhere. Barrel chairs in every classic style or innovative iteration were easily spotted.

Thank you for joining us for our 2023 design style trend report as forecast from the High Point Furniture Market. We hope this mini-tour has inspired you, as attending these important events certainly inspires the IDH team and gets our creative juices flowing!

We are excited and ready for the year ahead. Beautiful things await our clients! If you would like to get under our design wing so that we can make YOUR interior design dreams come to fruition for you and your family,  please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to speak with you – we will get you in our calendar! Our office phone number is 215-736-8693 or visit our website.

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