Unpack the Estrogen! We’re Designing a Glam Bedroom for Her

Unpack the estrogen because we’re opening the door to a space that’s unapologetically designed for her and only her today. We’re not worried about testosterone at all here. Sorry Fellas – we love you too, but in another blog post.

This glam master bedroom design calls for a girls-night-In — and we’re bringing all the chicest girly vibes, baby. No boys allowed! (unless bearing roses… and little else…)

So, how did we achieve the ultimate she-sensational space that exudes both classic sophistication and fun flair?

Here are five interior home design characteristics to keep in mind when going impeccably glam.

1. Lean into texture.

Texture is as much of a delight to the touch as it is to the eye and here, this element in this bedroom design really comes alive.

For this space, we brought in slinky-smooth and sleekly cool feels along with furry, nubby moments and velveteen crushes that are comfy yet classic.

pink glam bedroom design

Even the six-panel, sculptural wall art introduces a metallic twiggy texture that’s organic yet oh-so-chic.

2. Don’t be afraid to shine.

Speaking of metallics, THIS is the time to shine in all the right ways — including sequins!

While sequins may send you into the category of bad prom dresses, when used with discipline and grace, they can bring in just the right dash of glam shine that’s nothing short of refined fun.

And, the answer is also yes, you can mix metals from bold silver flourishes (hello sexy acrylic canopy bed and oh-so-chic nightstand!) to gunmetal-glam nooks and touches of bronze-y golds throughout.

3. Consider your color palette.

You had us at cream — with a dose of blush — in this bedroom interior design, and it’s everything that is right on the color wheel.

When going glam, your color palette is going to be your best friend. Restrained yet sophisticated creams provide an incredible foundation to work from, with the opportunity to flaunt in some sweet pink and purple flourishes.  

This glam bedroom even ‘goes to work” with an office nook that’s set into the architecture and its aesthetically framed in the understated sheen of platinum silver on the walls.

4. Flaunt some attitude!

Color can definitely cop an attitude — hello to the cushy aubergine bench that’s not afraid to be bold. But we love bringing in attitude in other ways, too, through shape and line and more.

The acrylic canopy bed is a mega attention-grabber yet allows all the other elements in this bedroom to have their moment, too — from the geometric patterned rug underfoot, to those gorgeous opalescent bedside tables, the crystal desk lamp, and more.

What gems!

5. Embrace different eras.

Another little trick to create a classic, feminine space is to welcome in multiple eras of interior design. The art is in the mix!

Here, we indulge in everything from ’60s mod in the cool-girl sitting area (bring on the patent leather go-go boots!) to the peak of 1930s Hollywood glam with curvaceous furniture shapes and refined moments of dazzle.

Girly, sexy, sophisticated, timeless, and GLAM… what a stunner she is. Want to design the ultimate feminine lair that’s just-right for you or the girlies of the house? Let’s elevate the estrogen and start your luxury interior home design conversation here.