Using Luxury Interior Design to Unify Unusual Architecture

People are consistently floored by how powerful interior home design alone can be to totally transform and reprogram the entire experience of a space. Not only that, but it can also help streamline and unify unusual architectural elements.

Sometimes, when we’re designing a space for a client, the architecture available to us to work within wouldn’t have been our first choice. This can often happen in a renovation, or in this case, in a tear-down and new build, but where the builder had to respect the original foundation.

We recently worked on a gorgeous kitchen for a giant, L-shaped space that included an accompanying sitting room and dining area. As the architect originally laid out each of these zones, the dining area was quite a distance from the cooking zone.

Using Interior Furnishings to Unify Spaces

One little trick up our sleeve is visually transforming architecture through the power of layout — especially furniture layout. That’s because furnishings drive both aesthetic direction and functionality — especially in a multipurpose space like a large kitchen.

With challenging architectural details or an open-concept layout, we use furnishings to both provide unity while also defining each zone-within-the-space.

In this kitchen, we created two separate, functional zones — flipping the kitchen gathering area and the breakfast area. The oversized twin islands, with their matching chairs and statement lighting above, provide a delightful cohesiveness in the extensively sprawling kitchen zone.

The blueprints originally showed the dining table where we now have a cozy, light-filled sitting and gathering room. Flipping the layout markedly enhanced comfort and functionality for the homeowners.

Introducing Color to Lead the Eye

Color guides the eye through any space. As such, any and every hue can be used to break a space or connect a space to another.

When it comes to creating a seamless look to unify architecture, it’s all about keeping to a “controlled color palette,” so there’s not a big spread of contrast.

We’re totally in the blue zone in this kitchen, sitting area, and dining room, where serene shades of cerulean, navy, and sky blue come together in beautiful harmony as a connecting thread throughout.

Playing with Patterns for Cohesiveness

The power of pattern is another happy-making element to align spaces in an architecturally unique layout. In the kitchen, patterned navy-and-white window treatments serve their functional role yet also communicate beautifully with the micro-pattern of the bar stools at the islands.

Step into the sitting room and dining room and you’ll find similar but not identical patterns running throughout — and that speak in concert to the patterns in the kitchen proper. There’s no room for matchy-matchy here! Rather, we love to utlize the dynamist of different patterns with nuances that marry well – all to create a tasteful harmony and a refined, layered luxury interior design look.

Unifying unusual architecture and making it all make sense through the beautiful alchemy of design elements is just one reason why bringing in an interior designer for a renovation or new build is so wildly important. Interior Designers consider different things than a even the most talented home builder or architect – it’s why we’re such an important part of the mix to ensure you end up with a the perfectly beautiful, perfectly functioning space of your dreams… that’s perfectly designed for you. Contact us to learn more.