The Importance of Custom Furniture in Luxury Interior Design

Today’s forecast… a 99% chance of cabernet — especially with this clubby wine room and wine tasting area that’s the perfect vintage!

Designed for entertaining crowds big and small, this striking space is located in the lower level of a newly built residence and completely eschews the need to go out for a wine tasting. It’s all in-house and fabulous!

This entire space is nothing short of a class act, elevated by custom elements that bring such an important flair to this luxury interior design.

A Toast to a Custom Banquette

Designing within the unusual proportions created by the architecture required finesse. To comfortably accommodate family and friends while making a statement in this tasting area, and, aligning with the homeowners’ taste, we knew custom furnishings was the answer. And this oversized custom banquette is nothing short of a class act.

A handsome, statement making piece, it extends wall to wall with vertical channeling that helps lift the ceiling while widening the space. In a rich short velvet, it casts a  golden-yellow hue — the color of Sauternes — gaze at it and might start craving a glass of the French sweet wine.

This is such a stellar place to sit and observe the “art” — the bottles in the gorgeous, displayed wine cellar, proudly glimpsed through large observation windows.

Raising the Bar on Custom Bar Tables

Because space was at a premium, and we wanted low-top bar tables for comfortable sitting and sipping — we designed a custom table rounds  – simple yet elegant and are just right for this space.

They also speak perfectly to the swanky and sophisticated mid-century modern guest chairs. After all, great vintage wines deserve great vintage furnishings, too.

More Tactile Treats

For this space, our client didn’t prefer artwork beyond the attention pointed to the wine bottle display. So, we zigged with this zag and designed a stunning, bespoke feature in the dark-charcoal, hand-stitched leather wall covering that extends the same length of the custom banquette. The definitive baseball hand-stitch drives a luxe, custom effect. 

We added more eye candy in the form of a geometrically, pieced hide rug in front of a sexy stone clad modern fireplace. (another art piece in its own right!).

Just as incredible bottles are crucial to a good wine collection, so is custom furniture to luxury interior design — and the relaxed yet elegant comfort of this stunning wine and tasting room makes the point. 

When the homebuilder saw this space, after it was fully designed and installed by IDH, they were amazed at the transformation. That’s the power of a great design eye and custom furniture in luxury interior design .


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