Whole Home Design

Interior design consultant Upper Makefield PA

When a client wants us to design more than one space, such as a whole floor, or their whole home clients truly benefit from our impeccable design processes expertise.

Whether a new build construction project or whether a total design of an existing home, our team is trained, practiced, and specialized in carefully setting up specific visual rhythms for a larger picture. Essentially what we do is design spaces that ensure a seamless flow to the architecture with striking interiors that feel as wonderful to be in as they are to look at.

Part of our special expertise is knowing how to direct the eye around a room, and beyond the room. We are forever stretching spaces and creating flow so there is always a tremendous balance.

We know we’ve done our job perfectly when clients report that their friends and family say things like “I feel like I could just stay here forever.” 

Making Spaces Feel Larger

Achieving rich aesthetic flow isn’t just the pretty part of what we do.

In a new home design/build, controlling and anticipating how the eye will move through around the room and beyond means guiding you to make the perfect hard finish selections. These must carry through, and marry wonderfully with the furnishings, rugs, window coverings right down to the fixtures and accessories.

Translated: We guide our clients to make selections for the en suite bathroom based on what’s in the bedroom. It means that the kitchen backsplash needs to marry well with the great room furnishings and fireplace surround. Match? No. Marry….

The correct choices make spaces feel more expansive, more at ease, and tremendously enjoyable and harmonious.  Getting this right means guide your to  achieve cohesion among all of the design elements in your home.

Avoiding Matchy-Matchy Design

The look of high end design (no matter what you might have paid for it…savvy design lover that you are!) means never doing matchy-matchy.  Catalog page layouts look best in catalogs. Flat. One dimensional.  And the Me-Too look that every Jane, Joan and Hillary can have by dialing customer service.

We design whole home spaces with elements that harmonize but that are completely in line with you who are, what you find beautiful and what makes life feel most wonderful. This is how we create a feeling of authenticity. Spaces look collected and layered, not ordered in bulk. No matter the budget size we work within, bespoke and signature looking is always the goal.

Interior design consultant Upper Makefield PA

Personalized Design

Every element in your home, from the art and accessories to the rugs and furniture, should express your unique design fingerprint.

Every element should treat your eye to what you find most beautiful and contribute to what you need – what you crave – to feel supported, nurtured, and refreshed in your home.

While artwork is such a key element in any beautiful room or home,  we don’t expect our clients to be art experts. We can help you discover what is beautiful to you, and what you would be delighted to live with every day.  We’ll help you enjoy the process of choosing art and across any price point. We will reuse what you own and love, placing it in the perfect location, suggest and guide in reframing if we believe it will enhance the piece.

It’s not what you spend in design sometimes – its more what do with every dollar you DO spend in design. From mass produced art to original works – we are well versed and ready to guide.

In the end, when we deliver whole home design, rooms flow into each other with such grace. The end result is that your space has an impeccably beautiful and   harmonious quality that feels so good….you never want to leave.