Luxury Spaces for Two: Couples Design

Princeton PA Luxury Interior Design

We often hear horror stories from couples that had previously gone through an interior design process that they disagreed the entire time. Arguing leads to stress – not beautiful design. Plus, battling with your plus one means someone “wins” and someone “loses.” The result is either “no decision” and projects stall, or a home that functions and is comfortable for one but not the other.

Not good.

By the time the “lovingly stressed” couple comes to us, they are usually thrilled to have heard about us…impeccable design for couples is within our wonderful wheelhouse.

 Excellent Design Means Everybody Wins

Our clients always tell us they are shocked at how we “perfectly captured both of them” in the designs we present to them.

A terrific young couple once told me they were happily stunned after working with me. Prior to doing so, they reported arguing in a tile store for 2 hours and giving up. They were thrilled at the process we’ve developed which moves both “he and she” easily through a design process where everyone wins.

Our signature process of determining specifically what each person finds beautiful AS WELL AS as what elements he or she truly needs to feel great in their home, is liquid gold! We’ve honed and developed this couples design process so carefully that it works like a predictable thing of beauty. .

We listen deeply to understand and discover profoundly, we know the questions to ask, and we know how to read between the lines.

When we uncover your design fingerprint, we delve deeply into all of the design elements you love – and don’t love – so we can find the sweet spot where you and your plus one overlap. We create designs that are a perfect balance for both of you.

This is your home; everyone should win in design! It shouldn’t be all him or all her.

Princeton PA Luxury Interior Design

When His & Hers Makes Sense

One of our favorite projects was a wonderful home in Princeton, NJ. We were asked to design separate handsome and luxurious dressing rooms for him and her.

In keeping with her design fingerprint, her dressing room was light and elegant with two crystal chandeliers, a marble dressing table, and custom mirrored closets doors. Her room looks and feels like a high-end Parisian atelier.

His dressing room is more masculine. Featuring open shelving in rich lacquered wood, a mirrored insets, and warm lighting and perfect functionality.

While we blended their tastes together perfectly in all of the main rooms. Here they decided to step out into distinctly separate space. Each one perfectly reflecting their individual personalities and design cravings.

If you and your beloved are ready to take the bull by the horns and finally create your own luxury spaces, we know how to make it happen and in a process where you both win.