Multifunctional Spaces for Entertaining

Doylestown PA Custom Interior Design

The areas in which you entertain are among the most essential spaces in your home, and every client has different desires and needs. Your individual needs will depend on things like the size of your family, your favorite way to serve, how many people you like to host and how you want your gatherings to flow.

Most of our clients know what their ideal entertaining dreams look and feel like when hosting family and friends, but they don’t always know the best way to achieve it. That’s okay! Our expertise is knowing exactly what questions to ask so that we can design entertaining spaces that are welcoming and functional, and feel generous and relaxing. When we create individual entertaining spaces for our clients, our goal is for for you to feel fantastic and for guests to want to stay and drink it all in.

Creating Welcoming Guest Spaces

Through our detailed information gathering process, we discover where you and your family and guests actually like to gather, and what you like to do together.

Your party guests have a way of migrating toward the most beckoning and comfortable spaces in the home. People usually avoid even the most carefully planned formal entertaining spaces and head straight for the kitchen. There’s no fighting it!

However, if you desire, we can design your home to have comfortable entertaining areas based upon how you like to entertain so we create a flow for family and friends.  

Whether entertaining for you looks like small intimate gatherings or if instead you need to accommodate a large crowd, we can design luxurious and livable entertaining areas that fit into your home’s square footage and architecture.

Custom Interior Design Doylestown PA

Don’t worry if you don’t have purpose-built rooms for your dream parties. Problem-solving is so very important to good design, and we are expert problem solvers.

Custom-designed Solutions

We excel at thinking outside the box. If we can envision it, we can make it happen. For example, in one of our renovations, we designed a circular bench that breaks apart into individual seating when needed. We sketched it. We had it built. And its spectacular and signature.

In a- recent project in Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania, our clients wanted to entertain extended family and friends, but they didn’t want a large rectangular table that would make guests feel like they were dining in a castle! Instead, we installed two smaller round tables that can open to larger rounds when needed. They suit the room perfectly. Not only do the two tables scale with the size and shape of the room, but they also make dinner parties beautiful and comfortable for large or smaller more intimate gatherings. In fact, for very small dinners, only one table can be set for guest while the other is beautifully set with deserts.

Uncovering Your Design Fingerprint

Of course, another essential element in your entertaining space is your unique design fingerprint. By asking the right questions we’ll uncover all of your unique wants, needs, and cravings. Together these lead us to design spaces that feel ideal for the way you love to entertain.

Then we’ll translate those elements into the perfect spaces, the perfect furniture, colors, texture, artwork, and more so that you and your guests can just indulge, relax and just enjoy being together.

If you love to entertain, whether it’s a small group or a large party, your space shouldn’t be an afterthought. We know exactly what to do to make YOUR entertaining feel seamless and deeply pleasurable.