5 Ways To Make Your Home Office A Knockout 

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Creating a knockout workspace requires more than just attention to function and organization. It needs to be a place that feels good, nurtures your soul, and facilitates creativity. With most of us working from home these days, a home office is more than just a luxury – it’s a necessity. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a daily life-enhancing attainable luxury too! 

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Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Now is the time to purge those files, books, and reference materials you haven’t touched for two years or more. Move unused-but-necessary back-up files to the attic or basement. Use binders instead of file folders to organize printed materials. Unlike folders, binders can be easily and prettily stored on an office shelf, bookcase, credenza or nearby spare closet eliminating  the required file drawer or new piece of office furniture. 

As you declutter, hide anything ugly. This includes necessary items like your printer. Placing them on a shelf in that nearby closet or behind cabinet doors can help keep your energy flowing as you look around your beautiful room. Decorative handwoven baskets can conceal extra cords or office supplies. A decluttered home office supports a decluttered mind and will help reduce your stress as you spend more time there. 

Up Your Lighting Game

Studies show that natural light is ideal for any workspace, and the same is true for your home office. However, it may not be a reality for you. Adding shiny finishes, mirrors, or glass elements to your space helps reflect the light that’s already there. If you happen to have a wealth of natural light, these shiny surfaces can keep it moving through the room, adding an uplifting brightness to the design.

Adding a candle to your desk brings a touch of warmth and tranquility, although from personal experience I must warn you to keep them clear of any fresh flowers that may be nearby! 

Get creative about your lighting, too. Although a ring light might be a tempting option for your video calls, try adding an elegant work lamp instead. It’s more pleasing to the eye and works just as well to illuminate your face. 

Be Smart About Seating

If you don’t already have a supportive desk chair, it can be a budget-friendly game changer if you invest in one. At our office, each desk has a Tempur-Pedic chair. Having that ergonomic support is essential to keeping your body healthy and creativity flowing. 

Just because a functional office chair isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing element in your home office, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some elegance to it! I love a lush faux fur throw on my chair. It’s soft, looks stellar in person and on camera, and makes my chair feel like I’m sitting back into a warm hug. 

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Crazy About Art

Fill your home office with pretty things! Offices tend to have a lot of sssstufff, all with a lot of color and shape. So, when considering options for art, I suggest going for one big, impactful piece as opposed to several smaller pieces. This will ensure the walls broadcast a grounding and decluttered essence. Above all, it should be beautiful to you. 

To further pamper yourself, opt for pretty pens and trendy notebooks since they’re in constant use. Speaking chocolate …(when don’t I speak of chocolate?)….do as we do by adding a shiny bowl of 72-percent dark chocolate. These little creature comforts in total will make your home office that haven where you want to be. Anything that delights your spirit, should be in your space. Remember, it’s your home work space, so infuse it with colors, finishes, and artwork that lift and inspire creativity and bring you serenity. 

Bring The Outside In

Add organic elements to your home office to ground and enliven the room. Orchids are my favorite tabletop plant for office spaces – for the dollar, they’re your best fresh floral investment. Just add three ice cubes once a week to the soil, and it can bloom for 6-8 weeks. Or, google easy care house plants and add just ONE. When you can, open your window to infuse some fresh air and a nature sound or two. These little soul soothing touches create environments to love – the exact opposite of the cold, cluttered, sterile office people dread.  

Remember, it’s essential that your workspace functions well AND nurtures your creative side. Make your home office a respite for your soul and watch your productivity soar, my lovely!