Finding The Sweet Spot In Custom Design

I recently had the opportunity to work with the sweetest couple who found that our luxury interior design process was utterly perfect for them.

From the start, we worked to blend the tastes and personalities of both husband and wife to create a sophisticated design that reflected both of their design fingerprints, which in certain respects were quite different from one another.

They also came to realize that their previous, unfinished home projects were the result of a lack of clear creative process by the professionals they engaged with, not an issue with indecision on their part.

Having A Strategy Can Help You Make Decisions

Upon initially meeting the couple, “she” warned us that she was indecisive. In fact, youll see in our reveal video that her indecision comes up in conversation.

As it turns out, this lovely client wasn’t indecisive thanks to our unique design process. This couple shared that they had worked with several designers in the past and had never finished a project.

It’s always a proud moment for us to see our clients thrilled with their outcome, but when we also hear that they loved our design process – that’s magic.

Luxury Interior Design

A Good Ceiling Makes A Difference

When exploring ideas for the living space, it became clear that our wonderful “he” is a man who loves a good ceiling.

Although not originally part of the plan, we suggested adding the coffered ceiling in the living room design to satisfy his wishes for a spectacular ceiling element. Ceilings are a great way to add depth and character to a space, and such details mark the difference between luxury interior design and cookie-cutter home building.

Working Together Is Essential

A look at our wonderful couple through our design eyes: He loves bold design choices, but she needs a quiet movement to her space. Both prefer patterns to be on the floor. She needs window treatments to drop right into the wall, so everything visually expands to become a soft palette.

On the flip side, he loves interesting light fixtures, and because he also loves when a striking detail moves forward in the space, we conceived the mirrors over the sofa.

Part of luxury home design is getting to know everyone who lives within the space Im designing.

Luxury Interior Design

Interestingly, initially I was told that our terrific “he” would remain fairly hands-off in the process. After the initial meeting, though, he made sure to be at just about every meeting after that because he found he was really enjoying the process.

In the end, our creative and design processes allowed us to guide this great couple in order to seamlessly meld their contrasting tastes into gorgeous spaces.

Establishing Trust

As a luxury interior designer, its important to establish a deep level of trust with my clients.

Our design process works for homeowners because its precise, strategic, and delivered with warmth, respect, and a healthy dose of good humor.

As with this project, its important to make sure the design is a great fit for everyone who calls the house a home. After all, you cant step around the elephant in the room – if you dont address conflicting tastes, the result will never work as you hope.

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