New Build Design Counseling Session

Well hey there!

Donna Hoffman here and welcome into the back room into my design studio or piece of it anyway.

I wanted to come out here and tell you about something very exciting that we are now offering, for any family or couple or individual that is embarking on a new design-build. Whether you’re building a new home five thousand square feet seven thousand, eight thousand, ten, twelve fourteen, we work on large homes. It’s one of our specialties or whether you’re doing an extensive renovation we have a wonderful design build – reno design counseling session that we offer when you are in your earliest stages embarking on this type of really big and intense project that you’re going to be on for many many many many months if not a year and a half to two years depending upon the size of your project.

New Build Design Counseling Session

How would you like to know that when you meet with your builder and your architect you know exactly what to say how to say it and when you know exactly how to present to them what your absolute needs are what your absolute requirements are what your absolute expectations are for your finished product? So in this design counseling session, we will be able to drill down with you into your design fingerprint – who you are and what you are and how you function – and design what your absolute must-haves are going to be in your new structure your new residents or your big renovation.

And if you do have plans we are going to be able to help you look at those blueprints so that we can drill down into those as well with you to say

  • hey you know what this room is probably too small
  • hey you know what this room is probably an extra room you probably don’t need it
  • hey you know what this room is probably too long or
  • this room probably has a doorway that may not be optimally placed.

This type of counseling session is an opportunity for you to get the real deal from us, your design advocates in design so that we can talk to you about real things. Like yeah if you do that, that’s great but you’re you know you’re AC and an HVAC costs just went up and astronomically, or yeah you do that but you’re furnishing costs just went up, do you really want to do that, or yeah you just did that but you just lost this or how about if you did it this way instead of that way.

Your Interior Design Advocate

We are able to look at it from your best interest perspective, what will work for you. We’re not trying to get you into a home of a particular size that’s for you to decide we’re not trying to sell you anything or a home of a particular size we are here as an advocate and as a counselor.

So whether you choose to then have us go forward with you and help you pick out your own, fine if you want to, great if you don’t but I at least want to know that you are on the right path picking the right builder picking the right architect saying the right things asking the right questions.

So if you’re interested in learning more about something like this give our studio a call and ask about the design new build design counseling session and we’ll get you hooked up we got you covered!