The Pros and Cons of a Home Theater

Home Theater

Last year, my team and I had the pleasure of designing one hell of a tricked-out home theater for a pair of beloved repeat clients.

And now, over a year later, they say it’s one of the rooms they use most often in their extensive residence.

If you’re on the fence about adding a home theater to your pad, the following list of pro’s and con’s will help you make the right decision for your home.

PRO #1 – Provides a True Cinematic Experience

When you put in the time and money to create your own home theater, you are able to truly customize your viewing experience. From the screen size to the seat depth and everything in between, the control is in the palm of your hand!

Even better? It’s all yours! No need to worry about strangers talking, texting, and spilling popcorn everywhere. Your family on the other hand? Now that’s a different story…

PRO #2 – Excellent Acoustics

A dedicated home theater is an enclosed space, padded with acoustic panels providing a rich, surround-sound experience.

An enclosed, dedicated home theater also allows you to keep sound OUT of other areas of your house. One family member could be hosting a horror movie marathon in the theater while another family member is having a nice quiet cup of tea in the family room. A home theater allows you to keep the action in a separate, enclosed space, rather than having it dominate your main living area.

PRO #3 – Resale Value

Real estate experts say that in today’s tech-savvy world, a home theater could attract more buyers if you’re looking to sell your home. This is especially true in luxury markets.

However, if you are in a small to mid-sized home, a home theater may have the opposite effect on potential buyers. As a good rule of thumb, consider if your theater will take up space that could’ve been used for other, more flexible purposes.

PRO #4 – The Height of Luxury

Think about it – your own home theater. The height of luxury under your own roof. From binge-watching a favorite series to hosting the ultimate movie marathon. It is a true heightened viewing experience.

Luxury Home Theater

CON #1 – Customization Comes at a Cost

Even the most basic home theater is going to cost a pretty penny. And when you go up a notch on sound systems, lighting, media and other materials, your total expenditure is going to add up fast.

To prevent overspending, consult with a designer and media group to get an idea of how much a new home theater is going to cost. Better yet, show them inspiration images of home theaters you like and ask them to estimate how much it would cost to replicate certain elements. The sooner you have this conversation, the less likely you are to end up with a bloated bill.

CON #2 – Lacks Flexibility

The same factors that make home theaters excellent for watching movies make them difficult to use for any other function.

If you’re hoping to create a space that can be used for home viewing as well as social gatherings, you may want to consider adding a media room rather than a theater.

Which brings us to our next blog! Tune in later this month for part two of this two-part series; “Home Theaters vs. Integrated Media Rooms: Which Is Better for Your Home?

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