Top 10 Interior Design Quotes You Never Want to Hear

I really do love quotes: motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, witty quotes, sage quotes –and of course, as an interior designer here in the fair Bucks County, I have a particular fondness for great interior design quotes. So great is my weakness for wonderful interior design quotes that I was going to blog today about some of my favorites, when suddenly a wicked thought struck: Wouldn’t it be fun to do a blog on the Anti-Quote: Things that one hopes to never, ever hear uttered by designer or client alike.

So…here it is: This my Top Ten List of Quotes from both sides of the aisle, things one NEVER wants to hear an interior designer or client say.

Top 5 Quotes You Never Want to Hear a Client Say to Her Designer

  1. What have you been smoking?
  2. Bravo. I never knew that ugly came in so many shades, but you have managed to find them all.
  3. The sofa you ordered won’t fit in the door. You idiot.
  4. You idiot. (In any context…just a bad quote all around…)
  5. My 98 year old uncle watches HGTV while he dozes after lunch and he could have done a better job. (Which is really an implied “You idiot.”)

Top 5 Quotes You Never Want to Hear A Designer Say to Her Client

  1. So, how drunk were you when you came up with this color scheme?
  2. What is the odd smell coming from the living room?
  3. Your budget is great. For a Barbie House. Where’s Ken?
  4. You’re an even bigger pain in the neck to work with than I suspected you would be when you interviewed me and I’m an idiot for taking this job. (Sort of like saying to yourself, “You idiot” – also never good.)
  5. Wow. What the hell is that? (In reference to anything in your home, particularly a treasured family heirloom)

Ah yes…there are some things one hopes never to hear. Luckily… I never have heard, said or thought any of these…and hopefully you never will either. Happy Designing!