A Kitchen Transformed

Blast HGTV. And Heaven Bless HGTV. That sweet channel has created such interest in interior design which I just love (Bless it!). But it has so confused the general public regarding the apparent ease and speed of design, delivery times, lead times and installation times. Not to mention the gloss over on what really goes into planning, demolishing, and rebuild – even with the best design team, there is a natural phase of utter mess and organized chaos that those design shows just don’t accurately capture in 30 edited minutes of TV-tainment (Blast it!). Nothing in design takes 30 minutes or costs $500. (Yes friends…those fun shows you love that “reveal project costs”…generally have donated labor from crafts persons, unreal crews that work into the night and all weekend long, and donated materials from manufacturers.  But…it’s good entertainment!)

Take a look at a kitchen in our portfolio that people just love when they see live and in photographs. Here’s a little peek behind the scenes.

We began here in this dimly lit space with cabinetry that had been stained by what we believed was a DIY former homeowner so the stain was heavily streaked and uneven.

We opened a wall to repeat an important arch.

We beadboarded the ceiling to lift it and add some light and interest.

Before – kitchen ceiling without beadboarding

Demolition began – total rip out.

We had to relocate some HVAC ducts to accommodate the new pantry and cabinet.

After many weeks and months of searching and planning and workroom labor – not to mention many week of actual upheaval….voila. Oh – and did I mention many dollars? No donated flooring, cabinetry, appliances, fabrics, lumber, plumbing fixtures, hardware…etc.  And a breathtaking kitchen emerges.

You can see the beadboarding on the ceiling – what a difference!

For more amazing transformations, please visit our portfolio page here, or contact us for a transformation of your own! www.interiorsbydonnahoffman.com