Great Family Room Design Ideas

It’s football season, and for many men, this is the time to relax, reconnect with their male friends and enjoy their favorite team on a large screen TV.  It’s important to create a space for casual entertaining, and yet, if you care about the appearance of your space when the TV isn’t the center of attention, you do have options.

Your family room doesn’t have to look like a “man cave.” It can be elegant and yet comfortable. The family room below incorporates good design elements.

Design by Interiors by Donna Hoffman/Photography by David Van Scott

You may prefer a space that doesn’t focus on the black screen when the TV isn’t on, and this is one option for concealing it when it is not in use.

flat screen tv armoire
Slim Chadwick Media Armoire from Ballard Designs

If you’re interested in creating a completely hidden TV and the supporting equipment, you can customize a cabinet with an internal lift system so no one sees the screen unless you want it to be seen. Wow your guests with a beautiful piece of furniture that is specifically designed for your Audio Visual equipment and doesn’t look like everyone else’s cabinet they bought at a popular retail store.

And, if you’re a loving spouse, you can surprise your husband with this special gift created just for him.

If you want to create a “cool” teenage hangout or place for play groups, think about adding a multi-functional snack and drink center that keeps the kids home and safe. The refrigerator drawers for soft drinks, juices and waters are hidden behind custom cabinet panels so it looks like built-in furniture.

GE Monogram Under Counter Refrigerator

Your countertop selections add drama and interest to the beverage and bar center.

If your family room also needs to include a space for doing homework or managing your family’s paperwork, a well-designed space plan can make your room function for all of your needs.

Since the holidays will be here before you know it, think about how you’ll be using your family room and how you’d like to make your guests feel welcome by adding color, function and texture to one of the most used spaces in your home.

If you’re ready to explore the options for your space, contact us at and amaze your family and guests this fall.