The Design Process

We know the custom interior design process can be a mystery. After all, it’s not every day that you build or renovate a home.

One question we’re asked frequently is if we work with builders or subs (contractors) or if we have our own. The answer is both!

If you’re building a home and you already have a builder or architect, they’ll be glad to learn you have an interior designer. A great designer eases the process for all involved.

As an aside, interior designers are different than interior decorators (such as the people you may find behind the registers of furniture stores that offer free decorating services).

custom interior design

Interior Designer Discipline

Interior designers understand the hierarchy on a design build team, deadlines, budgets, codes, blueprints, as well as how to reduce this 10,000 foot project view down into stunningly finished rooms that are superbly beautiful, comfortable, functional, and safe.

Builders and architects want you to be happy with their work and the finished project, and they know that good interior design is the final step in the process.

They’re used to working with interior design firms and value a good designer’s input because they understand that even a small but wise tweak can save money or insure the ideal result down the road.

Designers bring a different discipline to the table, and a vastly needed one. As I overheard my client Tracy recently say to her friend about her extensive new home build:  “I could not imagine building this house without Donna.”

If you’re renovating a home or room, we’re used to working with tradespeople and contractors too. The good ones are happy to see us involved because they understand the detailed vision we bring. Ultimately they want you to be satisfied with the result of their work and we help to insure that.

We know that navigating the world of contractors can be unnerving. It seems everyone has a nightmare story. It’s okay if you don’t have your own contractors (or builder) already. We are connected with some of the very best in the industry.

Luxurious Home

Dreaming about a luxurious new home or a new space is fun. We endeavor to keep it fun by taking the stress out of the process.

Whether we work with your builder or contractors or you use ours, we’ll be your interior design advocate with every other professional involved in bringing your dreams to life. 

We will meet with you to learn all about what makes you tick, what you love (and hate…we’ll be sure to avoid that!). We’ll come to know and understand what your dreams are made of. We’re here ready to help you navigate your way from dream to gorgeous reality.

If you’re ready to start the building or renovating process (or even if you’re underway), give us a call at 215.736.8693. You’ll be so glad that you did.