More Than an Interior Designer

Custom interior design is different than interior decoration. There’s a unique challenge to create a place that’s beautiful, functional, safe, tailored to the client’s essential essence, and yes, even their conscious and subconscious wants and needs…all on budget.

The luxury interior design world is complicated. Dealing with architects, builders and contractors requires finesse, experience and skill. The world of to-the-trade furniture and accessories requires savvy. 

Attempting to go through a design project on your own, or with a less-than-capable interior design firm, can be a disappointing and costly nightmare.

That’s why I explain to my clients that I’m much more than your interior designer. I’m your design advocate.


Your Advocate

My role and responsibilities are to get you what you want, within the boundaries of code and budget, and to watch your back as you navigate the twists and turns of construction, remodeling, or even just a room makeover.

It isn’t that contractors, architects, retailers or other professionals in the field are out to get you. But they may not be as invested in your happiness as we are. We feel an outstanding responsibility to our clients. 

Though I believe in treating team members like gold, on occasion I’ve had to go toe-to-toe with contractors to get the job done for our client.

I’ve steered clients away from nightmare subs or retailers that overpromise and under-deliver, and pointed out functional inconveniences to architects, even competent and talented architects.

I’ve gone to bat for clients,  who were exhausted with long home building projects when they were ready to give up and accept lesser quality from tradesmen.

Sometimes, I even have to protect clients from themselves. We make decision making easier with our processes: no “analysis paralysis.” We watch all of the elements, from design to budget to project management. 

We are so well known for the fine caliber of our work that many of our former clients keep our business cards in their wallets so they can hand them out to friends and neighbors. You don’t have to take my word for it though; here are just some of our rave reviews:

“IDH kept a keen eye on the budget and was careful to let us know if we were starting to stray.” – A. Yardley

“Your follow up after the project was exceptional…” – Tony M.

“Donna did not waste time, and she did not waste money…” Kimberly H.

Any interior design project, large or small, comes with plenty of complexities, and it’s not your job to know how to navigate them. It’s ours. If you’re ready to create your dream space, call us today at 215.736.8693.