I Was An Interior Design Client First

Long before I was a trained, practiced, and multi-award winning luxury interior designer, I was a client. I know first-hand how it feels to be in your shoes. I know what it feels like to:

Luxury Interior Designer

  • Worry about the budget
  • Hope that the interior designer understands your vision
  • Have a skeptical, busy, or semi-interested partner
  • Hope the beautiful new design elements can stand up to dogs/kids/guests
  • Feel overwhelmed by choices
  • Be unsure about budget allocation or that the designer isn’t considering budget
  • Worry that there are elements of good design that the designer is missing and that I don’t know to consider

I also know what it’s like to be frustrated by an interior designer who seems less than enthusiastic about my project, deadlines, or budget. My past experiences being a design client influence me just as much as anything I learned in design school.

Stress Free

That’s why I worked diligently to develop well-controlled internal systems that take the stress out of the process for our clients.

Our design processes are as impeccable as our design. That means you can relax and enjoy dreaming about and anticipating your luxurious new space.

My entire interior design team is fully committed to our internal processes. We know too well that “devil is in the details in design, which is why we are so on top of every last project detail.

Designs For Two

Are you collaborating with a spouse or partner? We also have a carefully refined process that takes the stress out of working on a custom interior design project with a spouse or partner. We believe both of you should feel heard and should feel at ease. Interior design can be a complex, emotional process but we know just how to help you find common ground.

Our collaboration process also includes our signature Wise Design Approach. When we meet, we’ll ask specific questions that help you understand what you truly love, and why, and what design elements support the unique way you like to live – both of you!

Our team also knows how to streamline meetings, help keep joint decision-making simple, and keep the stress out of design projects (and the relationship!) from start to finish. The result is a space that you both will love, and a home you can’t wait to come home to.

Take comfort knowing that WE know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We have your back and will do all we can to make creating your dream space as seamless and enjoyable as we can.

If you’re ready for a refresh on your existing home or you’re ready to partner with an interior designer for a house you’re renovating or building, call us today at 215.736.8693.