2020 Design Trends from the Kips Bay Show House: Part 1

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Every year the Kips Bay Decorator Show House draws interior designers from all over the world. The tradition began in 1973 as a fundraiser for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and has been a must-see event ever since. The event still raises funds for after-school programming for New York City kids.

This year world-renowned designers transformed a luxurious Manhattan home, and we couldn’t wait to see it. As an in-demand luxury interior design business, we take our responsibility seriously to trend spot for our clients. Because our clients look to us to guide and deliver timeless and beautiful home design that is at once luxurious yet livable, classic yet individual, we always have a finger on the pulse of today’s most beautiful design trends.


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Whether we’re working a new design-build, starting with specifying interior and exterior finishes and colors, or whether we’re simply designing a single room for a client, our team always shows up impeccably prepared to help you with your project.

This means being well versed in design style, trend, and of course in the nuanced and layered design flourishes that make a home’s design not just beautiful, but also soul-feeding.

Part of our continuing education is attending important design shows. The Kips Bay Showhouse is one of our favorite design events as it’s always a rich well of creative innovation from some of the leading national and international creatives in the design world.

This year’s house, a $17 million brownstone located in Manhattans’ Upper East Side, did not disappoint. (Neither did having lunch afterward in an obscenely over-priced, and thus not-surprisingly empty restaurant because we were seated about 20 feet from the comic actor Steve Martin. It was just Steve and his pal, a few waiters and us. You can bet that $32 salad was suddenly well worth it!)


Luxury Interior Design

One of the most important trends we noticed were colors.

When it comes to upholstery and rugs, the color blue is still hot. This year’s trends saturated peacock blues, usually with a subtle gray undertone, and navy. Pale blue-gray was less present at Kips Bay 2020, but the fabric colorists and designers that we met the prior week at Kravet forecasted continued strength for blue in the paler, grayed down shades as well.

The newer colors on the scene remain: Goldenrod (as forecasted in Paris three years ago) has arrived in the US, and the same for olive, seen on upholstery and in rugs now.

Green is also showing up in rich emerald and jade tones, while millennial pink is still present, but it was not the most important story. Red is almost absent yet again.

Black and white remain a sexy, prominently featured palette.

Wall colors, when painted, remained quite pale, from gallery whites to off-whites and blues to the palest grays. Unless of course a wallpaper was used or hand embellishment and then color and texture abounded.

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll share the rest of the exciting trends we saw at the Kips Bay Design Home.

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