Interior Design Color Alert: 2017 Trend Preferences in the US!

colorThe results are in! As reported in Home Fashion Forecast summer 2016 edition…

BLUE is now American’s favorite color.

In fact, blue is the single most purchased décor color in 41 states and in over half of major US cities! (Yes, we noticed a clear uptick in blue requests from clients this year as well.)

These color popularity findings were drawn from data on nearly 200,000 purchases of custom fabric and wallpaper over a two-year period. Here are more color rankings from the article.

Next ranked in popularity after blue …black. Yes, black was a TOP pick in 5 states.

Sorta makes you wonder what they’re doing after sundown….but I digress.

Gray came in as a top pick in only 4 states…and lonely red scored a ZILCH.

A few other color preference to note:

Pink is gaining in popularity in home décor, also something you’ve perhaps noticed in the better interior design magazines since these tend to showcase what the early adapters are doing.

Red, yellow and orange were low, low, low on the selection radar. In fact, the order of national preference was found to be: blue, black, pray, pink, white, and green.

As ever, regional preferences always come into play. Design Lovers in California, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming were more inclined toward black fabrics while Southerners showed a greater preference for gray. While pink ranked 4th nationally, it was generally shown as a higher pick in major cosmopolitan centers which are also known for early adapters.

So what do YOU do if you love yellow or red? The wise answer is: Splash it around to your heart’s content! Designing with what you love and surrounding yourself in the particular beauty that makes your heart sing trumps ant trend any day.

For those who find comfort in number, remember the “what goes up, must come down” theory. In other words, it’s just a matter of time until red and yellow once again have their day.

Keep it colorful Design Lovers!

XO – d