You and Your Home: A Love Affair


Ever feel like life is spinning too fast, too hard or beyond your control? I feel ya sistah!

The bad news is you’re probably right.

The great news is that you have something wickedly delicious very much in your control and right at your fingertips. Use it and you can massively improve your daily rounds and the way you feel day-to-day in your own skin.

Beauty. Beauty that’s in your home.

A beautiful surrounding is a powerful elixir – but more than that, it’s one of the few things in life over which we have total control. Create a beautiful home and reap the rewards and benefits of that beauty every day, and every moment of every day from here to …whenever.

The more I practice interior design, the more I see that beauty has a resonance; it throws off an energy. Tune into the beauty that surrounds you and feel it lift your sense of well-being immeasurably.

I hear people say this all the time after we complete a design job. I hear people complain about what it feels like day to day when you DON’T live in a space you find beautiful. In my design practice, as well as in my own life, I can swear on a stack of, well, fabric books, that living in a home you find completely and perfectly beautiful …beautiful for you…pays big dividends: You feel better in your own skin. Every day.

I’m a great believer in living your best life; feeling as good as you possibly can. This is not always an easy task if you are sensitive, intelligent or read the newspapers. BUT – carving out a beautiful space in which to live your life, moment-to-moment – in which to live your best life. Ahhhh.

Totally doable…

You should love your home. Love the blessing of having a roof over your head, surely, but the Wise Woman today knows that to craft her best life, stacking the odds so that she creates a home that she absolutely loves living in, waking up to, coming home to….that’s a love affair that will pay big dividends.

Here’s to you and your beautiful home!