Universal Design In-Law Suite Before/After

We have a lot to be grateful for here at IDH, and high on that list are the clients we get to design for! Looking back, one of our all-time team favorites is Betty, an energetic and young-at-heart octogenarian for whom we had the pleasure of designing an In-Law Suite.

Before & Afters
Betty’s lighting fast decision-making and willingness to take risks made her a joy. The result was this elegant suite with bold details. The project went on to win two Designer of the Year awards from the Interior Design Society as well as a 1st Place Design Award from the American Society of Interior Designers. After all of the accolades, we sat down with Betty to hear how she was liking life in her new space.

DH: Betty, it’s so great to see you again! We’ve missed you. So, how are you feeling about your space these days?

BC: I love it!! I wake up every morning and I still can’t believe this is where I live.

DH: Yay. That’s so wonderful to hear Betty! May I ask you how you felt about your suite before we redesigned it for you?

BC: Well, I was grateful for what I had, of course, but this… is fantastic! Every time someone comes to visit (my daughter and son-in-law) I bring them here to give them a tour!

DH: Ohhh, I love it! You know, something I always enjoyed about you as a design client was that you were willing to take some really bold risks!! Have you always been that way?

BC: Yes, I suppose I have. I taught Home Economics for 35 years. That really helped me become more confident about what I like and dislike in decorating and fashion.

DH: I also loved how quickly you made design decisions. You’re faster than most clients. When I complimented you on it once, I remember you said, ‘Donna, at my age, what’s the point of deliberating?!?’ That really made me laugh! Have you always been so decisive?

BC: Decision making has gotten easier for me as I’ve gotten older. The quicker you make decisions, the quicker things can be completed!

DH: Very true. So, one more question for you Betty. What was your absolute favorite part of the design process AND… what was your least favorite part of the design process?

BC: My favorite part was picking out the color and fabric scheme. My least favorite – waiting for everything to arrive and be installed!

DH: That last one seems to be hard for everyone. Well listen, it was so good seeing you again. We loved designing for you! (Big hug.) Keep enjoying your beautiful suite, and thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me!

One of the things that touched us most from Betty’s interview was this: Even if you’re not 100% satisfied with your home’s décor, despite our culture of Pinboards and the on-going chase for “perfection,” remaining grateful for all that we DO have is a key to right living.

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!