Easy Patio & Deck Spruce Ups

Outdoor living and entertaining makes quite a few things easier to be sure – from sweeping up to styling things out. The outdoors supplies heavenly blue skies, every shade of green and all that sunshine and moonlight. What else do you need? Well, if you feel like your outdoor living space is in need of a little extra refreshing, try these simple and easy-on-the budget ideas:

Stencil It

Have an old wood picnic table or Adirondack chair that is looking a little drab? Paint it! Want a conversation piece? Paint it and then add a stencil. Go for a rich gray base color and then stencil it in a graphic white design. Or go soft celery green with a butter yellow stencil. You pick the colors. Be bold and be brilliant.

Oversize and Overstuff your Patio Planters

Bigger is better when it comes to patio planters and most people mistakenly go the opposite direction. Rather than spending in small increments on lots of small planters that will ultimately create clutter not impact, spend on fewer, larger, grander pots. The return on your investment will be a million dollar look. If you want year round color, plant with a small boxwood or evergreen for 4-season color and then underplant with annual flowers. Really stuff in those blooming plants – the more the merrier. And for gracious fullness, remember to add in trailing things that spill over the sides – from ivys to new wave petunias to viberna.

Instant Patio Panache

Buy a new umbrella for the table and go for color! What a huge and instant difference you’ll see. This year, I added not only a vibrant 9’ yellow umbrella to our dining table on the deck, but I also planted the flower pots in yellow & white. The yellow color moves and repeats marvelously across the deck – what a great look.

Spray it

I loooove spray paint. Not the graffiti artist “deface something” kind. The designer “save this item” kind.Rustoleum makes some wonderful sprays that can even have texture or crackle. You can spray, update and reinvent that old outdoor dining set. From bronze to black to pewter – high gloss to matte. Go for it.  You can also spray a high gloss on faux metal planters to make then look brand spanking new. No talent or skill required. Remember to remove glass or acrylic tops and do not spray fabrics or chair slings. Head to the paint section at Home Depot or Lowes and have at it.

Cut Flowers for Cottage Charm

Most people think of cutting flowers from the garden and bringing them indoors. Next time, cut a few extra bouquets and place them on the patio or deck. Imagine ceramic pitchers or metal containers – even soup tureens – exploding with hydrangeas or other cut flowers from your garden. The look is so charming and so easy. Keep well watered if in direct sun.