The 5 Biggest Misconceptions about Interior Designers

When I tell people I’m an interior designer, many respond longingly, “Oh, I wish I was doing what you’re doing…it looks so fun.” Or, “Ialways wanted to work with a designer but I’m a little intimidated.” So – I thought it’d be fun to share with you some of the most common misconceptions about being an interior designer. Enjoy!

Myth #1.  It’s glamorous.
Reality:  Schlepping, hauling and carting samples of fabrics, tile, granite, marble, wood, paint renderings,wallpaper books- all in large, 10-20 pound awkward shaped bundles is not so glam. Hauling around accessories, 5’ and 50 pound bolts of fabric – or just plain moving, carrying or lifting anything and everything that goes into a home – and wearing heels while doing it. Good luck.

Myth #2.  Designers sit around and play with fabric all day.
Reality:  I wish!Figure 2 full days a week managing all of the paperwork that drives design: managing orders (dry),purchasing finished and raw goods for my clients (mind-bogglingly detailed), fixing problems when mills or manufacturers don’t ship things properly or there is a damage (irritating). Spend another 1-1.5 days rendering designs to show to clients for their projects and dealing with my workrooms on current projects. Throw in 15 hours per week for writing newsletter articles, blog posts and press releases. That leaves 2 days for meeting with clients, doing site checks on projects I’m installing, shopping(yum)…and yes…then there’s picking out fabric. Squish in meeting with my team live, via phone or Skype on various issues. And yes, this adds up to more than a 5 day work week. :-)(Did I mention continuing professional ed time?)

Myth #3.  Designers Believe in Spending Money Recklessly – High End All The Way.
Reality:  They shouldn’t. I don’t.I view clients’ resources as I view my own – something to be respected and for which lots of hard labor was expended to earn. There’s a time to spend, a time to save, a time to reuse, a time to splurge. Client is always the master of the budget. Period. No designer should judge the size of any budget, only serve and guide. I do beautiful design in a mixture of dollar range purchases in addition to re-purposing things already owned. Client budget and goals determine what that mix will be.

Myth #4Designers are Elitists and Snobs.
Reality:  Many are. Some aren’t. Look for the good ones – the good, the sensible, the kind and the ethical.

Myth #5.  Clients must be hard to work with.
Reality:  Not mine. I really like my clients. I seem to attract good, honest, kind, smart, lovable, humorous, fun people to my practice. And they stay with me for a good long while because they appreciate the results I bring, the value I bring and the ease my service creates. My clients are not hard to work with. 🙂