Window Treatments as Window Fashion…what’s your pleasure?

When it comes to great interior design, I’m a big believer in the savvy and strategic treatment of the window(s). Not because my company sells window treatments. Not at all because of this. No, rather we design and sell window treatments BECAUSE I so believe in their immense power to influence the aesthetic, mood, function and comfort of an interior. Whether woven wood blinds or plantation shutters or layered multiple treatments ending in rich full panels, consumers today need to think value and return on investment when adding window fashions. It’s an investment that should net at least a 10 year return in an interior on average. And a return that should bring incalculable hours of enhanced pleasure, enjoyment and pride in that square footage you call home.

Who are YOU in window fashions? I’m not talking about the utilitarian honey comb blinds many of you grew up with. Or the vertical blinds! I’m talking about DRESSING your windows, framing your views, enhancing all that glass. I’m asking about your window fashion personality.

Are you looking for lines that are clean and concise? Something a little tailored and streamlined? Are you utilitarian and no-nonsense? Or are you craving something a little more voluptuous and lush. OR, are you dreaming of a little luxury and glamor?

The real key in designing and fabricating for my design clients’ window dressings that will make an interior a real stand out space is not in the amount of layers we use, the number of treatments we use on a window, the specific type of treatment or even the cost of the treatment. No. The key to design greatness as driven by window fashions is found in using window treatments designed for the single purpose of improving a living space…whether by enhancing light, controlling light or temperature, providing privacy and the emotional comfort it brings, and of course, improving architecture and creating the ambient mood and feeling a client craves most.

Great windows fashions do drive great interior design. The longer I live in this industry, the more I believe it. But, it all must start with great design vision, a sensible head and a savvy designer. I’d love to help you with your window fashions needs…let me guide your project and get ready to love the great things that will come to you and your home!