Movie Interior Design Inspiration: The Devil Wears Prada vs. Pride and Prejudice

I love a good movie.  I also love, as you may know now, a good movie set. Since I design so many home office/libraries/studies, two movie “office/studies” come to mind as favorites for me.  They are in sharp contrast to one another.

First, check out the urban chic office of Miranda Priestly, the beast of a boss in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Like the character it’s designed for, this office is unforgiving, sleek and organized to a fastidious “T.” It’s great!

interior design

The smoked glass top desk is for looking not working – or perhaps barking orders to underlings. Love the petite leather tub chairs – so  crisp and sculptural – they too say, “Sit but don’t stay.”  Check out that tea cart!  I just put something very much like it in a fabulous gray, cream and red dining room. The only thing I don’t like…that great octagonal mirror is hung like 5” too high…

Next take a 180 degree jump to this office/study of Mr. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, the gentleman farmer and horticulturalist. No kindle here. These are bookcases for men. Men in silk stockings. The millwork and wall color are perfect; the marble fireplace with inlay – so stately. The rug looks to have been in the family for years – and there’s not an inch of space left to put a thing. You can feel the dust . But you can feel the warmth that perfectly reflects the spirit of the loveable and slightly disheveled  character who spends hours in this room.

interior design

Which way do you lean for your office?  Lived in and cozy – or sleek and don’t touch , with a martini, shaken, not stirred?