Movie Interior Design Inspiration: Grey Gardens

interior design

Some movies are great because of the writing! The acting! The directing! Then, for me…there’s the set and the costumes (!!). Seriously – I can’t help it. I didn’t enjoy the movie “Grey Gardens,” but I loved some of the sets so much that I’ve probably watched the movie 9 times.

interior design

Take the color of this living room wall…I don’t love much else the room, but that wall color haunts me. I’m waiting for the client who will ask for that color wall in a dining room with dark wood furnishings from Baker, cream colored upholstered chairs, a latte colored area rug with cut in bordered stripes in in blue, and a big fat blingy crystal chandelier.

Gray gardens foyer

Also this foyer – how much do you want to put on your 1940’s swim suit and head out to the beach after arriving here for the weekend. Grab the straw hat.

interior design

And these charming grounds. Sure, the movie was depressing as, well, hell. But these “heyday images” – mmmmm.

What’s your favorite movie set? Tell me, tell me.