5 Reasons Plants Are A Must-Have In Luxury Interior Design

contemporary interior designHouse plants are all the rage these days, especially since we’re spending so much time at home. These organic beauties are a favorite for our interior design firm, and we’re always looking for fresh, new ways to incorporate them into our clients’ spaces. Here are just some of the reasons we love adding plants to design.

1. They Showcase the 5th Neutral

I firmly believe that green is the fifth neutral – there’s a shade of green that goes with everything! Pairing the right houseplant with a great planter can bring life, literally and metaphorically, to your design. A pale green succulent on a glass-topped coffee table will give it a soothing feel, whereas a rich green Jade Plant will immediately draw the eye to a sculptural form. 

2. Plants Always Add Interesting Texture

Texture is one of the many ways we can influence a room. As an award-winning interior design firm, we look at ways to do drive texture in even unexpected ways. Plants, and the vessels they occupy, allow us to create texture that can be warm and comforting, artistic, sexy, modern, or completely original. There aren’t many ways you can go wrong with adding organic texture this way, and I love pairings that are a little unexpected, like a cactus in an elegant hammered silver pot, or a lacy fern in a black footed planter – both great examples of a striking contrast that adds interesting texture.

3. Plants Impart a Sense of Scale

As humans, we sense the scale of objects and spaces relatively. Houseplants can help us establish that sense of scale in a room. A larger room with a taller ceiling can obviously handle a taller plant, like a Madagascar Dragon Tree or a Fiddle Leaf Fig. Smaller plants can fill space while keeping it clutter-free. I love structural plants like a Monstera or a Snake Plant for such spaces. A hanging Philodendron or Pothos overflowing its container can create a flowing softness and grounding in a space. 

4. Plants Bring Wonderful Psychological Benefits 

Studies have been done that show the positive psychological impact plants have in your space.  If appropriate for a client, we do love a strategically added plant, not only for the aesthetic value, but also because studies show how beneficial plants can be to our mental health. Plants are incredibly mood-elevating.

5. Plants Instantly Freshen Up a Space

Adding an organic element to your room is a wonderful way to freshen up almost any space. Houseplants can be both strikingly modern and completely at home in a traditional room. As a side note, you do need to keep up with their weekly maintenance, pinch of wilting leaves and of course, replace any plants that have died. 

Are you looking for new ways to use plants in your home? Contact us today to set up a design session!