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It’s funny how the seeds of who and what we become are planted in our childhoods. For me, among my favorite activities when I was a little girl, were 1) entertain by putting on shows, 2) rearranging all my mother’s home accessories, and 3) teaching school to …if we’re being honest…invisible students.

Writing was also a huge passion for me. I used to win writing contests in school. To this day, time “stops” for me when I write. My grandmother was a writer too, and I always feel connected to her when I write.

So when Newtown Lifestyle Magazine approached me to be their monthly interior design columnist, I grinned from ear to ear. What a fun way to combine two of my core passions – design and writing!

Lockdown Restlessness & My Newtown Lifestyle Column

When the US went into lockdown last spring, I found many of my clients looking for ways to enjoy their homes in new and interesting ways. For many of them, this took the form of reimaging spaces inside and out, with light or extensive renovations, depending on what they wanted. One of my Newtown Lifestyle pieces, “Creating Great Outdoor Spaces: What Does It Take?” answered many of the same questions that my clients ask. And trust me when I say outdoor spaces are far more complicated than many people think. It takes a professional eye and a great interior design firm to pull them off.

The biggest takeaways from that article addressed both strategy and honesty. Without both a quality design strategy and precise formulas for creating balance, rhythm, and livability in your outdoor space, you’re really playing a guessing game that will result in big headaches and extra expense. Without an honest assessment of your budget and upkeep tolerance, an outdoor space can get out of hand very quickly. Really, these two factors come into play anytime you start a design project.

In the article, I also got to address some very location-specific concerns, which was a joy! Items like televisions, furniture, and even grilling equipment need to be treated differently based on where – and how – you live. As an interior design firm with decades of experience, we can help you navigate those different climate challenges with ease.

interior design firmsLuxury Can Be Practical – Another Fav Article

Some of the other topics I’ve been pleased to write about for Newtown Lifestyle include showcasing how practical luxury can be when done right. For example, many of my clients worry about having sophisticated designs around kids or pets. Let me tell you right now that you can absolutely live in luxurious spaces if you have pets and kids – or both! It’s just a matter of working with an interior design firm that understands materials and how they must be selected for optimal function for more active families.

In another of my articles, “Art Makes the Space,” I discuss how adding the right wall art can elevate a room from meh to magnificent! What a fun topic! As I said, when I write, an hour or two can feel like 10 minutes, and this article was one of those instances. I offered some fun examples of how art can improve a space and warned about some of the mistakes that I see DIYers make when they take on a project independently.

Looking Beyond Interiors

One of the most enjoyable parts of writing for the magazine is exploring seasonal needs in great depth. In December 2020, I wrote an article that’s all about gorgeous winter and holiday curb appeal. As you approach a home, the exterior gives you the first clues about what to expect inside, and that goes for the exterior year-round – although I do love a meticulous holiday light placement! When the seasons change, your outside décor does too, and teaching readers about those needs is simply a delight.

It’s such a joy working with the local Newtown, Pennsylvania, publication, and I genuinely love being able to stretch my writing muscle beyond my blog. If you found any of these topics interesting, reach out! Our team is skilled at both interiors and exterior design, and we would love to help bring the home of your dreams to reality. And below, you’ll find links to the articles I mention above.

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