Best Custom Upholstered Bench Ideas

My clients would be surprised to know that I am an incredibly impatient person. In business and with clients, I successfully work against this in myself and move with great patience. But in in my backroom at the design studio, my fuse is short when I am hunting for something I see in my mind’s eye, but cannot find it at the market. When that happens, I take pen in hand and decide to make it myself. Here are some favorite benches I’ve designed in recent past.

For the foot of this king sized bed, I needed something large enough, but also I had to round the corners due to the tight space near the dresser. I also wanted something signature – enter the large button detail. This is a marvelous piece.

interior design

I’m finishing up the design for a larger entry foyer with twin curved staircases. I wanted a curved bench to sit inside the curve of only one of the staircases. Searched high and low and found  nothing, so drew designed this  reduced back curved bench. We’ve not photographed the piece yet, but I hope to soon!

bench two

Loved the idea of a high armed bench in this large center foyer but didn’t want enormous length. To balance the high arm, I  did an oversized nail head. The finished product is fabulous and so signature.

Bench three
interior design

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