Creating a Girl Boss Office That’s Pretty Enough for Company

So many of us gals are working from home now. But are we working impeccably from home? The reinvention of a home office space for all the girl bosses out there can be a game-changer.

At IDH, we’ve believed in WFH before it was ever even fashionable. Because we’ve always worked this way, we get a tremendous charge out of elevating our clients’ lives through a tremendous home office design that takes them into that flow state where they’re productive and feeling their best, but also where they are delighted to entertain guests.

Whenever we think about creating the ideal WFH space, it is never just about productivity, it’s about quality of life. While function is the first order of business, it is wildly important to have a space that feels incredible.

We recently completed an extraordinary transformation of a home office, and I’m taking you on a tour right here.

A clean slate for creativity

For the girl boss in this office, she doesn’t function well when there’s any mess around. Plus, that kind of clutter can be an eyesore when visitors stop by.

So, we wanted to truly create a clean slate with streamlined surfaces that concealed a tremendous amount of necessary storage space. There’s a place to put literally everything in its place here — from files and office supplies to project binders, pens, and more.

We even hid a white board for brainstorming sessions and added a pull-out work shelf that automatically doubles as a co-working space.

Melding form and function

With the functional storage handled, we could then heap on the loads of design elements that make this office pure eye candy.

One thing I absolutely adore in this office is the custom graphite-colored cabinetry with mesh-paneled detail and crystal hardware, adding instant bling to all that hidden storage space. The mesh also prevents the cabinetry from becoming heavy and lumbering.

And let’s have a moment for the desk, shall we? It’s a beautiful showpiece all on its own. We envisioned it to be a little darker than the cabinetry with intention, adding acrylic sides to again prevent any overwrought heaviness.

Adding textural layers

In addition to being designed to optimize work life, a home office should feel like home — which is to say, it should be comfortable and beautiful. That’s where we can add in so many beautiful layers that resonate with a client’s unique design fingerprint.

For example, I can think of no better way to have visitors take a seat than in a pair of mid-century modern chairs that come equipped with a sexy silhouette and an open arm. To reflect the understated bling in the custom cabinetry, a mirrored round accent table is up for the task perfectly.

In this office, a custom rug underfoot adds comfort yet edge, with a black border to ground the space. We also tickled more touches of jet-black throughout with sculptural pieces and accessories.

Tone-on-tone window treatments frame the space with graceful softness without distraction to complete the look.

A flourish of artistic inspiration

Art in an office space is another thing that I love to use in just the right doses to add personality and inspiration. Across from the desk in this office is the most stunning accent wall that has been painted into an overscale mural. Radiating with rich tones of jade green and creams and whites, it truly acts as such a statement-maker in the space.

Because of this piece’s prominence, the artwork behind the desk is a tone-on-tone wall sculpture — selected with strategy for textural impact yet so as not to compete with the mural.

At IDH, our goal is to always create impeccable spaces that people never want to leave. A personally tailored-to-you home office that’s soothing to the aesthetic senses as much as it is functional makes coming to work a delight, no matter the time of day or night.

Does your home office live up to the incredible work you do day-in and day-out? Let’s start the conversation about how we can transform your WFH status.