POPULAR: Top 5 Tips For Reclaiming Your Living Room


Listen, you paid for all this square footage, so why on earth do you relegate entire rooms to “look, but don’t touch.” I say, reclaim all your square footage!  Happily, so many clients are allowing us to help them re-imagine their living rooms. One by one, we are erasing those dead, unused spaces and creating these wonderful, oft-used and oh so enjoyable rooms.  Here are my 5 Top Tips to Reclaiming Your Living Room.

1.  Library/Sitting Room.

This is one of the most popular requests we are getting from people. Wrapped in custom millwork and bookcases, nothing feels quite so perfectly cozy for entertaining AND for sitting with your Sunday coffee and newspaper than one of these.


2.  Home Office/Sitting Room.

Same concept as above, only now we hide all manner of computer needs and office gadgetry and files inside sliding pull-out drawers and behind glass doors ruched with fabric. Working from home becomes beautiful. And when you want to sit down with some pals, it’s your cozy, elegant spot that’s just feel-good perfect.


3.   Living Room/Study.

This is the room we create for the client who likes to have a dedicated space for entertaining but also a favorite hobby:  meditating, painting, scrap booking, jewelry making. It’s all in how we organize, light, plan and conceal your “hobby stuff” and hobby work stations.

benchener library 1

4.  Music Room/Sitting Room.

Here we mix one part piano or cello playing station with deep, cozy furnishings, perfect for cozying up for a concert while the kids practice and you hunker down with your Kindle.


5.  Family Game Room/Living Room.

In older homes, the long living room usually lends a perfect spot for a beautiful game table so that a growing young family can enjoy a perfect spot for a good game of Sorry or Monopoly or coloring with a favorite aunt or grandparent, or a place where two spouses can sit down for a to-the-death-finish game of Scrabble in which you wipe the floor with you-know-who  (I’m usually the mop in this instance…spelling is not my thing…makes Steve feel very smart.)

hoffman windowseat

So there it is. Stand up and be counted, Living Room. Take back that square footage, home dweller. Need some help?  Why…we thought you’d never ask…contact us here.

Room design by Interiors by Donna Hoffman. Top five photos – David Van Scott, bottom photo by Casual Candids.