10 Personal Things Clients Don’t Know About Donna

  1. I never knew I had curly hair until I was 49! I was so used to straightening it that in my late 20’s I actually paid to have my hair permed.
  2. My favorite ice cream flavors is: All of them. Dammit.
  3. When we dropped our daughter Anna off at college for the first time, I didn’t cry until Steve and I got back to the car to head home. Once safely inside the car, I began sobbing so hard that at first Steve actually thought I was laughing.
  4. My favorite “work” outfit (that clients will never see!) consists of no shoes and no make up. This is the joy of running a design studio that is not open to the public.
  5. I met my husband Steve on a blind date after having sworn off blind dates.
  6. My heart still lifts when I hear Steve come home at the end of a day.
  7. When I’m in a high stress cycle, I have recurring nightmares that are either that I have to go back to graduate school or that I’m being overtaken by high water. (Get Sigmund Freud on the phone!)
  8. I’m incredibly squeamish. As are my two older brothers. We are champion fainters and terrible patients.
  9. I refer to my husband Steve as “the rock of Gibraltar” and myself, worrier that I am, as “the pebble of Gibraltar.”
  10. I love laughing. I laugh my head off with my older brothers. I love making Steve laugh to the point where he can’t even make a sound and he can absolutely crack me up the same way Sandy, our project manager, at IDH is hysterically funny. My parents and Grandmother Anna had amazing senses of humor. And some of my girlfriends …most notably Pam, Alison and Robyn can make me howl.