The Hidden Cost of Bringing In An Interior Designer Too Late

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When it comes to engaging an interior designer to work with you on your home build or renovation, this is not the time to be fashionably late, dear readers. There are a number of pitfalls you could fall prey to if you do not bring in an interior designer early enough in the process, but I want to talk about a hidden cost that might not be as readily apparent — and that is opportunity cost. I like to think of this as the missed design potential of what a space could have been.

It’s a sly little thing that can sneak right up on you when you least expect it!


Here’s a hypothetical example of how it could go: You’ve built or renovated your home, and you’ve done your level best to make all the right choices with your builder or contractor — from the layout of the rooms, to the floor coverings, furnishings, and even the faucets!

BUT (you knew the “but” was coming!) now, you’re living in your finished product and you realize something isn’t quite right. Maybe you discover that your kitchen island should have been bigger to accommodate larger family gatherings. Perhaps you realize that a specialty room — like your home gym — could have been a lot more useful if it were just a teeny bit bigger. Or maybe the light fixture you adored at one time doesn’t quite fit right proportionally.

None of this is your fault! Design decisions are endless, and the choices can be nothing short of overwhelming. Designer Interior Yardley PA Donna Hoffman

But all these missed opportunities could have been avoided, resulting in a more satisfying result with a little professional help.

That’s where our expertise, vision, and skillset as a sought-after luxury interior design firm comes in. And not a moment too soon!


Let’s dig into three real-life examples we have experienced with our clients — two good and one not-so-good!

First, a family with a luxury condo in Boston brought our team in during the construction phase — right before they planned to eliminate a closet and move a wall! I met with them to learn more about their family, their lifestyle, and what they wished for in their home. It quickly became clear to me that their plan would be a real loss for an important space. It would also have long-term implications by decreasing the value of the property.

This is where we shine: Early in construction, we collaborate with builders and architects to not only identify opportunities to capitalize on, but also costly mistakes to avoid.

Another family in Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania, engaged us early on to work with their architect to develop a blueprint for a new 20,000-square-foot residence. We were able to advise on critical elements such as the size and the shape of both standard spaces and specialty areas. We also looked at ideal placement for windows and doors to support furniture layouts.

Our final example is a client of ours who brought us in too late to help with their project. As a result, their new dining room was ultimately too narrow for their entertaining needs. What a shame! This is a big loss that could have been turned into a glorious opportunity to create a space that indulges their love of entertaining.


At IDH, we prioritize not just how a room looks, but how it FEELS.

We uncover ways to sculpt, craft, and create environments in your home that are beautifully personalized to how YOU want to live your life. From the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow at night, we maximize every opportunity for delight in your home.

Let’s chat about how we can create an impeccably designed home for you.