Favorite Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

As we approach the closing of 2021, the old adage, “Out with the old, in with the new”, echoes in my mind. Just as we evolve in our personal lives from year to year, interior design does as well.   My team and I were recently at High Point Furniture Market, and we always leave that extravaganza even more energized and inspired to kick off the new year in style; there is much to love and look forward to in 2022! This blog offers a quick peek into some of my favorite effortless and exciting interior design cues that caught our eyes. What will resonate with YOU?


If we are being honest, this past year has been another doozy. We are perpetually bombarded by disconcerting news, heart palpitating updates and white knuckling statistics on a nearly minute-by-minute basis.  That being said, it should come as no shock that the trends are leaning towards more serene and soothing color palettes — we WANT to find comfort in our surroundings. It is scientifically proven that color greatly impacts how one feels, so let’s put those findings to good use.  Create your own color oasis and you will find that the serenity you seek will find you!

To conjure warmth and versatility in a space, we’re seeing delicious creams, sandy beiges, airy greiges, even a smidgen of chocolate. Akin to your favorite spa, this neutral paint palette can instantly make a space feel cozy and serene, healthy and centered. It’s also a nice departure from the height of the gray trend, when we saw every nuance of this hue everywhere. Don’t get me wrong: I will always love and implement a good gray, but given the times, we should not overdue it!   The color that is showing up in a major way  within the 2022 design forecast is a gorgeous range of clarifying blue.  Given what we previously discussed, that makes perfect sense!  Blues have been shown to cause the body to naturally create calming chemicals within—exactly as described: clarifying!  It creates a feeling of security and trust, something we could all use!

In the interior design world we talk a lot about color trends and the Pantone color of the year.  Familiarity and knowledge of these trends are indeed important, but as an interior designer, I don’t feel tied to a specific color palette when making a design decision for a client, simply because it is, “on trend”. At IDH, we see impeccable interior design as being more about how we integrate color into the landscape of a space…and that is something that never goes out of style!

LINES ARE GETTING BLURRED Interior Designer Upper Makefield PA

We’re no stranger to the phenomenon of blurred lines in architecture and interior design. Now more than ever, in this world of pandemics, the indoors are spilling outside and vice versa. The ripples of this trend are trickling down from the entirety of a space to the finer design details, as well.  Simply by refreshing your accessories you can create a whole new look!  Opt for the trending rustic serving trays or add some wicker side tables.  A wooden framed leaning wall mirror or some raffia hanging light pendants can offer the quiet sigh of nature breathing new serenity into your space. Wovens and wickers are seamlessly finding their places indoors, offering organic elements for a natural touch.

In addition to use of natural materials in furniture and accessories, people are beginning to appreciate the benefits of implementing greenery into their spaces. As a result, plant installations are at an all-time high, and the design of the highly stylized planters and other vessels have certainly risen to the occasion!  From intricately woven baskets to sleekly glazed pottery, the variety of color, texture and interest is unmatched.  These items are now becoming the jewelry of extremely sophisticated spaces and we are HERE FOR IT!

This season’s furniture trends are also nodding their heads to mother nature as more caning, raffia and leather-like elements are being utilized.  Those soft touches of the elements that most ground us go a long way in creating the utopian spaces that we so crave!


Gone are the days when wallcovering was nothing more than a highly patterned flat surface that DIY remodelers cursed incessantly.  Necessary innovation has produced an infinity of options that will now sparkle, texturize or shine their way into the most timid of interior design hearts.

From hand stitched leather, to brilliantly dyed mother of pearl shell….from crushed metallic facets to literal gemstone murals there are jaw dropping options for any and every taste.  Those who declare that they will, “never again use wallpaper”, will do an about-face when they see the impact these luxe options now provide.  We are giddy to wrap a home theater in a cozy corduroy wallcovering for one of our current projects and just as eager to envelope a posh wine cellar tasting space with sumptuous leather.  Judging by the dazzling sparkle in our client’s eyes when they saw the selections, we know they are just as excited in achieving the desired outcome.  The wallcovering world has become a brilliantly mind-blowing  place to be, and 2022 shows no sign of that changing any time soon.


Jewelry is an accessory that can make a look come alive, adding sparkle, gleam, richness, and depth. In the same way, so too does lighting in a room. So, it comes as no surprise to us that the lighting-as-jewelry trend continues to shine.

In addition to glinting chandeliers and dual-finish fixtures, we are seeing interesting combos of wood and metals. Also, long live the Sputnik — because every possible variation is happening in this retro-fab interior design.

As for LED lighting, the innovation continues — and I am here for it!

Want to indulge in some more trend talk? Check out my take on kitchens, tile, and outdoor spaces, as we head into 2022.  And, if a luxury interior design project is on your resolution list in the new year, I am sharing my Luxury Project Budget Checklist for Success! It’s yours for free when you sign up to receive IDH inspiration right in your inbox.