The Solution to Couples’ Decorating Stress

Men & Women in Decorating

The answer to Couples’ Decorating Stress is simpler than you think. But first you need to know that for most people, decorating and design in itself – couple or no – has been confirmed to cause common stress. Why?

There’s so much that goes into decorating, furnishing or renovating your home that it gets overwhelming. What’s more, thanks to fun outlets like Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV, endless blogs and magazines, the interest in design has never been higher. But thanks to these same outlets, a new problem has come home to roost and bite Design Lovers in the hind quarters. An oversimplification of the design process, coupled with a glut of one-off and disparate design ideas can be overwhelming and is causing widespread reported stress and confusion. To make matters worse, the next layer of common design stress inducers include:

*People spending too much on the wrong things

*People wasting time on the wrong things

*People hiring the wrong subcontractor

*Couples disagreeing or locking horns in design

Decorating, design, and renovation are all so much more complex than a 500 word blog post or a 25 minute TV show can cover. Then, when you add the stress of having to get onto the same page with your spouse when you may be on opposite ends of the book, it can be the tipping point for so many couples.

The solution is 2 fold: First you now know that designing even without being part of a couple is a confirmed stressor for about 1 in 2 people. That affirmation alone should bring some relief. But next, you need to acknowledge that when decorating with your spouse, if you are NOT in alignment on your project, you will be quickly swallowed up by the complexities of the design process itself – never mind your couple design stress.

Once you know what you’re dealing with, it’s easier to unknot the tangle. And as a designer who specializes in couples decorating, I can tell you that as long as you and your spouse are ready to push up your sleeves and dive into the pool together – and with the hope that you BOTH win on the end result, it’s all more doable than you think.

You don’t need another blog post. You need a Wise Design strategy and a process and approach that are aimed at couples. It’s an odd specialty I grant you, but after years of working with couples in design and marshalling them through the process to beautiful results – but without the stress – is probably one of the most gratifying things in my design practice.

Hopefully this small post was enough to move you from stress to being simply delighted to be designing with your mate! If not, give the office a call and set up a time to talk to me about how we can get you onto the road to that wonderful home you’re both craving.