How To Win When Decorating With Your Spouse

Men & Women in Decorating

The way to win when decorating with your spouse is this simple: never try to make them lose. In other words, his/her win has to be your win too.

Did I lose you?

As a designer specializing in couples’ design, I can tell you that amazing things happen in the couples’ design process I use. I unify “decorating couples” because I use design in a strategic and wise way. And my process is based upon the 5 “commandments” which I gladly share with you here in the hopes you can fix things for you and your other half!

*Learn what to feed the bear: Some bears like honey. Some like pickles. Men have certain needs in design, women have others. This applies to the design process itself as a working process AS WELL AS the beautiful-to-you-both end result you’re after.

*All bears need air: True, men and women may differ in what they need from the design process, but in the end all people do need this: All people need a process in which they feel seen and heard, and all people need to live in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing to them.

*All bears deserve their own slice of the cave: Compromising in the commonly shared spaces like the family room, bedroom and kitchen, becomes much easier to do when you each know that you will be given more leeway to indulge your design groove in your own designated space: a den, a media room, a home office, the living room. In other words, trade-offs are more palatable when you know there’s a trade-in down the road.

*All bears are created equally: Yes, your needs, loves and tastes are so, so important in your home. But – so are your spouse’s. As I said before, the way to win when decorating with your spouse is to never try to make them lose. His/Her win has to be your win too.

*Many bears could use a little help: Hire a pro to help guide you. If you have the discretionary income to invest in a shortcut to get you both moving in a great design direction and in a process that feels good to you both, and to an end result that speaks to both of your aesthetic cravings, let’s set up a call to discuss your couple’wss design dilemma.

You bring the home…I’ll bring the honey!