Do You Work in My Style?

Sometimes clients will contact us and say, “I love your portfolio, but I don’t see my style. Can you work in my style?” My answer is YES! As a full-service interior design team we are poised and trained to work across a broad stylist range. Our love of, and appreciation of, good design enables us to move in so many directions as well.

The interior design process can seem mysterious, so it’s tempting just to find a designer that has photos of rooms you like. However, that doesn’t always mean you’re going to get the best design for you the way you live. Some designers can get stuck doing a single style over and over; it’s more about their signature style than about who you are and how you want to live.

I know. Years ago, before I was a trained and award-winning interior designer, I hired that “my vision-my-way” designer. Although I bought everything she suggested, I grew tired of it in less than three years. That’s because it was “her” and not “me.”

We’re a different kind of design team. That’s been by my choosing. I never wanted any client to go through what I went through, ever again.

Custom Interior Design

Your Design Fingerprint:
Your Aesthetic DNA

That’s why over the years I developed a unique process that uncovers what I call your Design Fingerprint. These are the things you don’t just genuinely love and want, but also the things you absolutely NEED in a space to feel good in it. 

Think of your Design Fingerprint as being like your interior design DNA. It’s unique to you, it’s unique to your significant other.  Where it comes from, I’m not entirely sure, but I am sure as rain that just as you have a fingerprint on your left thumb, you – like every other individual I design for – have your own unique Design Fingerprint.

Design TO and FOR your Design Fingerprint and expect great things; spaces you love and long term staying power.  Knowing your Design Fingerprint is like having the keys to the kingdom; shopping and sourcing becomes an expedited breeze. Decision-making becomes a cinch.

The Design Fingerprint is also a stupendous and successful way to eliminate design conflict between couples – even when the have very different design fingerprints!

It’s all part of our process, whether working with individuals or couples. The bottom line is it enables my team and I see to see clearly who you are in design; to see what you love and need in design; to listen deeply in order to understand truly – all so that we can deliver spaces you love living in and waking up to.

Luxury Interior Design

Wise Design: A Winning Strategy

Our Wise Design process includes using the best of design strategy, across any manner of design style, but doing in it such a way that it speaks wholly and completely to your Design Fingerprint.

Impeccable design is a strategy and a science – it’s not an arbitrary collection of ideas.

Yes, lovely. We can work to your design style. It’s what we do for any client who crosses our threshold and who we take under our design wing.

Your Design Fingerprint is unique to you. Just as the interiors we created for you will be unique to you and just as the photographs on our portfolio capture the individual design fingerprints of the people for whom we designed them.

Love where you live, across a range of design styles.

Love where you live. Let us show you how.

Our Wise Design process unearths the elements that make you feel happy, relaxed and nurtured. We’ll use our expertise to bring all of those elements into a space that is cohesive and just right for you.