A Sanctuary in Doylestown PA

Our interior design process is impeccable, unique and effective, especially for couples. We can help you find common ground on the elements you each love while making both halves feel heard and at ease. Recently we put our interior design skills to work for a lovely couple that relocated from Chicago to Doylestown.

In Doylestown PA, our clients wanted more than a beautiful home. They wanted a sanctuary and a place that felt like they were putting down roots. They asked us to design the living room, dining room, and foyer in their new 5,000 square-foot dream home.

Design Fingerprint for Two

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Together they had a very unique combined design fingerprint. While they both like bespoke, interesting things, we noticed immediately that he was comfortable with bolder uses of color and pattern, while she needed elegance done with more restraint and soft texture.

The magnificent result is a Doylestown PA home that’s speaks to them both. Interestingly, after our first creative design presentation, he pulled us aside and said, “How did you just do that? You just put us BOTH perfectly into these rooms…that’s never happened with a designer we’ve used before.”

The traditional home sits on a large pastoral wooded plot in Doylestown PA and has an open concept, with a sunken living room.  In the living room, the couple agreed to indulge his more maximalist approach, but we did so with restraint: rich textures, small pops of color, and classic, simple lines in upholstery and fine wood. Being a woodworker, he especially gravitated towards high-quality wood pieces and there are some truly incredible pieces in this home!

Living Room

First, we wrapped the living room in seagrass wall coverings to add texture for him. For her, we created balance with twin tufted sofas with stunning back detailing. This one detail was worth the splurge because it’s seen from every other room.  We all loved the existing fireplace, so we played off that sexy deep color. We added nearly black drapery panels and velvet throw pillows to move black through the room. For pops of color, we used their existing artwork and pulled out emerald and moss green from the painting for the table lamps and ottomans. We replaced and relocated the light fixture with something they both loved and it became the jewel of the room.

Dining Room

In the dining room, the chairs have a classic silhouette, a family friendly but plush velvet, and we pulled yellow from re-framed artwork over the wonderful sideboard and created movement at the chair backs that float through the room. 

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In the foyer, we added a table in the center of the space with an eclectic custom graphic rug that works with the dining room and living room. I found this signature table in a vintage furniture store in L.A.  Its bird’s eye maple and unusual hexagonal shape makes it the perfect eye candy upon entering the home. With very little furniture, we created a s striking entry. For interest, we paired the vintage table with a contemporary ottoman with metal base and two contemporary vases.

Family Room

The family room takes the gray, cream and yellow palette found elsewhere, and brings things down to quieter mood by graying down the yellow to butter and now navy enters the scene. We added organic texture with stationary panels that are sheer, and are just enough to frame the beautiful wooded views. The rug adds rich texture for him and quiet pattern for her. She stepped out with exciting graphic navy pillows and loved the results…just enough movement without being overwhelming. The cubed ottomans have deep tufts with that create an attractive shape, and the metal lamps add texture and interest.

On installation day, we loved seeing our client’s wide-eyed smile and she continued to stare and touch her new things and repeat again and again…. “I can’t believe I live here, it’s so luxurious, but it’s so comfortable.”

“You do live here,” we answered. “You deserve it and we’re so glad we made this happen for you.”

(PS…he loved it to, as noted in the email we received that night!)