Speedy Holiday Design Recipe Survival Guide – Forget the Sofa

OK Troops. It’s count down time to your first holiday maneuver. The guest lists are set. The relatives coming for holiday dinner span the scale from “How’d I get so lucky?” to “What did I do to deserve this?” (Take that how you will…the author was intentionally open ended here…) The week following your family soiree, you also invited 80 of your “closest” friends to stop in for a holiday open house. Too late to order that new sofa now, Martha…it’s time to hit the ground running with fast, Tickle The Eye with design elegance ideas…that you can carry in a box!

Here are some great ideas from One Kings Lane this year. Head to their website ASAP to see what’s still available and, in case they are sold out, I’ve given you the “recipes.”

Recipe for a Stylish Coffee Table:

1 Great Tray, 2 cups of baubles in a single color;  ½ cup of something glass or shiny, ½ cup of “candle.”

Recipe for Your Buffet:

To make even $2-Buck Chuck (now actually $3, I hear) look high end and delectable:  Mix 1 Beautiful glass decanter with sparkling crystal or glass wine glasses and combine with a large glass cloche on your cheese tray(the cloche is that glass dome you see…). Add cut crystal serving bowls filled with sweet and savory finger foods like giant olives, baby corns and candied pecans. Candles recommended!

Recipe for Relaxed but Foolproof Table Top Holiday Elegance:

Nix the patterned holiday china this year and try an array of whites, winter whites and creamware. Add 3 tablespoons of shimmery silver cloth napkins and a heaping serving of crystal stemware. Winter white will never have looked so good…