Sofa Tables: Yesterday (like very yesterday) and Today

I think I have a sofa table fetish. I do. They are fabulously functional, great looking and the perfect note to add behind a sofa that floats in a room. When needed I also love sneaking a few ottomans underneath them for quick extra seating and for adding some additional great shape underneath the table.

Yesterday (Quick History Lesson)

There was a time when settees (the great grandmother of the sofa) had fairly high backs. Gradually, in the early part of the 18th century, these imposing high backed pieces were replaced by lower back sofas. And these newly proportioned sofas were often used with a long sofa table designed to stand just behind it. These sofa tables were perfect place upon which to perch a book when you were ready to sip your tea, or to place your tea cup when you were ready to pick your book back up. Quite often, they were used to hold few candles for more task light – though I imagine this latter choice did come with the risk of catching your powdered wig on fire.

A look at today

It was impossible to narrow down the field on fabulous sofa tables. Here are just a few I love.

Upholstered Sofa Table from Vanguard

I just specified a faux shagrin wrapped sofa table in a chic family room. Check out this one I just found by Vanguard.

Wisteria catalog did a great job with the lines on this Asian inspired console made from reclaimed wood.

Ananda Console from Wisteria Catalogue

I am in love with this console. I’ve shown it to two clients so far – it was too small for one project and too “not them” for another. Just love it – and look forward to finding it the right human mate. Comes in many finishes and very beautiful.
Justin Camlin Wallingford Sofa Table

OK. Not much call for this in Bucks County, but a designer can dream, can’t she? Great lines and wonderful proportion. Any takers?

Lawson Console by Mitchell Gold