Smart Decorating with Flowers – Part 1

Designing with flowers in our interiors can be such a winner – provided that you’re smart about it. As the days are getting colder and shorter out here in Yardley, PA…my garden is starting to ‘cool off and shorten’ too. Though the change in seasons is always welcome, the looming flower-less days don’t thrill me. But – that’s why heaven invented florists!

So as all of our gardens wind down for their pending slumber…let’s ‘change’ the state of things at home with some smart design with flowers for our interiors. Here are some great tips for flowers at home that are winners:

#1. For seasonal floral beauty that is simple – Go with all white. You can even immerse paper white bulbs into clear containers of water with pebbles or marbles – and you’ll ‘feel’ the breath of spring in winter white for a nice long while…surely longer than the a cut bouquet would last. For maximum impact, do a set of 3 or 5 containers and gather in 1 location – better yet – on a tray.

#2 For non green thumbers who like the idea above. Ditch the paper white bulbs..and buy all white carnations or all white lilies and arrange in a tea pot or simple small vase. If using a short container, cut stems short so the total floral ‘head’ you create looks very lush.I will share that carnations are one of my least favorite flowers – but in all white and bursting out of a soup terrine – they can be elegant.

#3. For maximum impact. Go monochromatic…that’s fancy-shpancy-designer-speak for ‘single color.” Or – do 2 analogous colors…red/orange, blue/violet. Somehow – a multi-color bouquet from the Yardley McCaffrey’s food store looks like an inexpensive ditty – but use those same dollars at the food store to purchase flowers in just 2 colors – or all one color and you have a winner. Pictured right is an example of a 2 color arrangement. Consdier simply you can do a single-color arrangement by picking up a few red gerberer daisies, red tulips and red carnations (!! carnations again??), pack those lushly into a container – and…wow.

#4. For seasonal sparkle. Use mirrored containers or place your container on mirrored trays.

#5. For people with no-time and no-patience…Potted orchids all the way. Orchids are high-end looking and elegant, always. Check out local big box centers like Home Depot or Lowes. I often see these wonderful potted exotics here for about $20. Place store bought container directly into another more decorative container Turn these potted beauties into center pieces by doing not less than 3 moving through the center of your dining room table. For extra spalsh, place on top of sheer ruched fabric.

Do you have any favorite floral tips to share? Post a comment! I’d love to hear from you. Look for more floral tips next week! Happy November my little flower bud!