Interior Design Ideas Using Flowers Indoors

Welcome back my little gardenia! I have more interior design ideas for your using flowers, whether here in chilly Philadelphia – or out in sunny CA. It’s nice to have you back with me for even more ruminations on flowers. As the next round of holidays approach and you’re trying to give the house a fresh lift, remember, …decorating with flowers in our interiors is such an easy way to add great splash to any room. But…but you have to be smart about it.

So here are a few more great ideas for decorating with flowers indoors to give you a high end, maximum impact punch. Let’s put these little floral treasure work-horses to work in our interiors.

#1. For Budget Conscious. Find a great vase with a small opening or ‘neck.’ These do not require as many flowers as those with splayed necks as you can see pictured here. Great on an end table or sofa table.

#2. Don’t discount “Little”. Trust me on this. You can do a smashing arrangement in a 4-5″ tall glass container – square or round. The trick is to cut your stems short, all one length – and really pack them in there. Very high end look and great for coffee tables, kitchen counters, office desks or by the bedside. For formal dinner tables, try to short and packed arrangements on either side of a tray of candles. A nice low centerpiece…

#3. No Brainer and Great Looking. For that luncheon or dinner party – just float a few blossoms in a glass bowl. Cut off stems completely. Add candles nearby and the look is incandescent and marvelous. These cheery sunflowers are perfect for an afternoon gathering or to top off a kitchen island. Do in red Gerberer daisies and you have a holiday look.

#4. Charm and Low Cost. Do you own any china tea cups? I have a wonderful collection from my mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and aunt. The kids and I use them on cold nights this time of year for a nice cup of tea after dinner sometimes. But just one tea cup full of flowers looks wonderful too. Pack a favorite tea cup and saucer with a single color bloom. If possible – coordinate the bloom color with the tea cup or design on the tea cup. Requires very few blooms – but you must remember to frequently refill the water. Lovely in a powder room or in the guest room for a holiday house guest.

5. Vase Selection Pointer. Try to be mindful of vase shape relative to the thing it is on…Rectangular and square vases look wonderful on rectangular tables. Both round or square work well on round tables.

Do feel free to post some of your favorite flower suggestions here for all of my readers. And so – for now – that’s the wrap up on flowers from here in Bucks County, PA. Everyone has holiday greens on the brain right now… Not this girl…I’m a flower lover no matter the season.