Renovation Wisdom – 10 Reasons to Love A Builder

10 reasons to love a builder renovation wisdom

If I could clone the PERfect builder, I’d have to include the traits of so many of the amazing builders I’ve worked with.  In fact, many of the builders I know have ALL of my favorite traits.  But as in any industry, there’s always the guy at the head of the class, and then the guy that barely graduated.

Let’s help you avoid those “bottom of the barrel” builders, shall we?

Whether you’re about to renovate or get started with a new builder,  use this list of favorite builder traits to help guide you in your interview process…aka…help you craft the right questions.

10 Reasons to Love A Builder

1. Love when your builder promises a start date and honors it, or at least communicates the totally reasonable circumstances that causes the delay.

2. Love when they promise a completion date and honor it and when they communicate why they’re not completing as originally promised with a number of totally acceptable reasons i.e.: Poor weather which prohibited or slowed outdoor work, materials came in damaged or shipped incorrectly….or any other reason having nothing to do with sampling new weed over the weekend and forgetting where he put the keys to his truck.

3. Love when your builder has a port-o-john for renovation projects so the team isn’t heading in and out of your place all day.

4. Love when your builder runs a really neat, well organized job site and is always cleaning up well after themselves at the end of each work day.

5. Love when your builder is super organized and on top of the details, both the large and the small.

6. Love when your builder is organized, and on top of the details, both large and small ….this is such a big one ….that I’m writing it twice because this is not always the case with all builders. But man….do love the ones who have this one “nailed!”

7. Love when builders put out their cigarette butts in their truck, not your front lawn or driveway.

8. Love when your builder works well with your interior designer because your builder knows his master craft well and feels confident in it, so he really values working with other disciplines….like interior designers…who bring a totally different set of thoughts and perspectives to a job.

9. Love when your builder is kind, ethical, respectful, fair and reasonable …because you are too.

10. Love when your builder’s work is absolutely beautiful.

Builders are an amazing breed!  Think about it: Builders can “see” something that doesn’t exist,  and with their singular will, marvelous craft and cultivated skill…your builder can  manifest it for you.  He BUILDS it, right before your eyes.  It’s magic. It’s talent.  It’s marvelous.

Love your builder.  Hire the best you can afford.  Treat him respectfully as the talented professional that he is.  Be a sport and offer to buy the crew lunch once in a while or at least once. Hire right. Be a good client.  And watch beautiful…no amazing… things happen at your place.

If you need help in planning your upcoming renovation or new build, from helping you plan your team to your total project, contact our design studio.  We’d love to and are poised to help and can assist you with all manner of pre-construction and post construction phasing and design needs.