Don’t Dismiss Buying/Selling A Home In The Winter!

This month I have a special guest coming on to discuss a big misconception about buying and selling your home. Martin Millner of Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors has three nuggets of wisdom to share with you if you’ve ever said “I was going to move this winter, but…”

This is a conversation I often have with clients. They immediately dismiss the idea of buying or selling in the winter which can actually be a mistake.

In fact, I wanted to share three reasons why you may want to take advantage of these next few months.

1. Motivation

Buyers: Most sellers wait for warmer months to list, so houses on the market in the winter have motivated sellers behind them ready to move fast.
Sellers: While there are fewer people looking to buy, those looking are serious.

2. Less Competition

Buyers: Your chances of being outbid & losing your dream home are far less when there are fewer homes for sale.
Sellers: Without the rush of homes coming on the market, your home is more likely to stand out amongst the crowd.

3. A Faster Process

Buyers: With less inventory, third party services are less busy meaning you will experience better, personal & faster service from services like movers, lawyers, banks, and insurance.
Sellers: Buyers typically have more vacation time to view homes during the Holiday season.

Last but not least, no matter what season we are in, there’s always a market thanks to online marketing.