If This Outfit Was a Room…What Would It Be?

There is something about the color purple…especially when it starts to run in the direction of eggplant and plum. This is not a discussion about tween purple or teen purple, or “I’ve got my first apartment electric purple.” No…this is the purple of “I know better” womanhood. Rich, evocative, confident and believe it or not…even a color the man of the house will respond favorably to.

I kid you not…men on the whole respond well to the color eggplant.I loved this gown. At the tip of the bodice the color is “eggplant so help us eggplant.” But as the fabric descends and billows, it fades to rich plum. As if that were not enough, trailing floral vine embroidery evokes the image of a garden springing forth from a bed of purple. And so it brought to mind this “Indoor Garden” Family Room where purple also reigns supreme.

Photo by Casual Candids

Those sofas are not safe brown…they are purple. Eggplant to be exact. And in a heavy masculine tweed just to keep things from getting cloying. The idea for this retreat was for it to feel as if the outdoor gardens sprang right in. So we obliged by designing windows that called the eye past the windows themselves to the view beyond them (we designed this addition as well as detailed the interior). The windows are barely treated, intentionally. A bold spray of floral fabric on the club chairs is immediately quieted by the massive eggplant sofas.

Photo by Casual Candids

The game chairs and window seat are covered in a lighter eggplant scrolled jacquard. Like the ball gown pictured above – purple in interiors dances well with many partners. It cuts so well with neutrals to butter to lemon to greens or blues.

Everyone looks good in purple. Everyone looks good in this room. This room looks good on everyone.Yes, I’ll take purple any day of the week. Any takers?