FABulous Lampshade Resource: Just Shades in NYC

When You-Know-Who first uttered those four powerful words, “Let there be light,” do you think He added a note to Self, “Remember to invent lamps tomorrow.”?

Well if He did, this Philadelphia interior designer discovered a little slice of lampshade heaven in Manhattan’s SoHo district. It’s THE go-to resource for NY designers and it is now for this Bucks County woman too. Just Shades is one of NY’s best resources for all things “lampshade.”

Check out this dizzying display of lampshades-so-help-me-lampshades. They tower from floor to ceiling throughout the well sized store.

There is a phenomenal range of choices in candlestick shades alone (how lovely is this flirty gray organza option?).


Here in Bucks County, it takes a small miracle to find a decent barrel shade…so imagine my delight when I was greeted by a thrilling wall of them.


These square shades are wonderfully strong and architectural.


Sure, for you traditionalists, there are empires and scallops galore. But for those with a hankering for some eye candy, check out the options in oblongs, or this striking cork paper shade and look at this marvelous basket weave.


Now, if for some reason “Ye are seeking but not finding” or have a little more budget to burn, talk to Marc the owner. He is not only a doll, but yes…they do all manner of custom work. And if you’d love a wise design team to “shepherd” your project in total, my team and I are always at the ready. We can help you create the home you most crave and we do it using design that is as Wise as it is Delightful.

Just Shades: 21 Spring Street, NY, NY. 10012    212-966-2757.

Sought after interior designer Donna Hoffman is nationally published and heads up the Philadelphia/Bucks County based design team, Interiors by Donna Hoffman, specializing in Wise Interior Design. We create the authentically beautiful rooms people love to live in, look at and come home to for years to come.