David Leaser Revolutionizes Close Up Art Photography

When I first saw David’s botanical images, I was struck by the incredible detail they reveal, more intense than I had ever seen in botanical photography. I found out why…David is using groundbreaking technology to create his work. David has figured out how to marry NASA to Nikon to create photographs that are actually layers of dozens of photographs compressed together. David’s technique is so unique, Nikon documented it in their flagship Nikon World magazine and on their website.

Large canvases as big as four feet across truly give you a “bee’s eye” view of a flower with its unique patterns. You can literally see the nectar glistening on the stamens of these flowers.

Upper left: African Sunset, Upper Right: Miyazaki, Lower Left: Tears of Aphrodite, Lower Right: Rococo

The idea began in the depths of the Amazon, where David became fascinated by the often-overlooked tiny flowers on the rainforest floor. He wanted to bring attention to these lesser-known species, so he spent the next few years experimenting with different photographic techniques. Art critics have called his work revolutionary, and Architectural Digest has featured his images and helped launch his collections at their last three home design shows. David also won a Silver Medal in the International Photography Awards amidst 8,000 entries in 90 countries.

Left: Fuschia, Right: Cymbidium

Many flowers in his collections are rare and endangered and are as small as a thumbnail. Some are heirloom varieties dating back to the 17th Century. All receive the “Hollywood glamor” treatment but may still have a few flaws, showing nature in all of its realism. His creations reveal the miracle of nature and are guaranteed to make you see flowers in a way you’ve never seen them before.

Left: Blue Moon, Right: Amami Island

And they are perfect for interior design. David’s images, framed with museum-grade materials, celebrate the universal appeal of flowers and are perfect for any home, office or corporate setting. His collections immediately bring a sense of relaxation and calmness into the home or office. His limited edition artwork starts at $100.00 and is available in a range of sizes.

Make sure you visit David’s website at www.davidleaser.com. And, as a special bonus, use my priority code of “donna25” to receive a 25% discount!